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School of Technology graduate program testimonial
School of Technology graduate program testimonial
School of Technology graduate program testimonial
School of Technology graduate program testimonial


Doctoral Degree

Ph.D. in Technology Management

The Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management program is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership in the public and private sectors of society. At the conclusion of the program, graduates will have developed skills in research procedures, will have acquired expertise in instructional processes, and will be able to provide service to the industrial and educational community. The program maintains most of the traditional requirements characteristic of advanced graduate study, but is unique in using the resources of a consortium of five universities linked together by alternative communication systems. These member universities have programs staffed by faculty having expertise in many areas of technology. Coursework for this program is delivered online.

The program offers five specializations:

  • Construction Management
    Coursework within the construction management specialization is directed toward applied research, the advancement of the construction organization, and professional management leading to the effective and efficient control of the construction process.
  • Digital Communications
    The need for faster and more efficient transmission, reception, storage, and retrieval of information in our high-change society has caused digital communications to be one of the fastest growing fields in technology. The purpose of advanced studies in this area is to increase the knowledge about the design and implementation of systems to communicate in a cost-effective manner.
  • Human Resource Development and Training
    Human Resource Development & Industrial Training (HRD&IT) means the integrated use of training and development, organizational development, and career development to improve individuals, group, and organizational effectiveness. HRD&IT relies on more than one subject discipline and draws on theories and insights from education, management, industrial and individual psychology, communication, counseling, economics, sociology, and related areas of research.
  • Manufacturing Systems
    A Manufacturing System can be defined as the means to operate and control processes that add value to a product. Another key characteristic of a manufacturing system is its ability to replicate the product profitably. While traditional manufacturing programs have focused on manufacturing technologies, manufacturing systems concentrates on all of the activities and practices used to integrate an enterprise's production.
  • Quality Systems
    The QSS program is dedicated to providing people with corporate leadership abilities and faculty for the profession. Graduates shall have a global vision encompassing quality systems. The primary QSS focus is to provide people with the ability to manage complex organizations to meet the requirements of customer satisfaction in public and private sectors. 

Program Brochure (PDF)

Ph.D. in Technology Management


Consortium Design Offers Benefits

Additionally, laboratories with specialized equipment are available that provide opportunities for research and study. Each university brings to the consortium a unique philosophical quality and extensive library holdings that add depth and quality to the program. Alternative communication technology is used to deliver key components of the program such as general technology core, linking campuses to better serve students. This will allow all members of the consortium to capitalize on the efficient use of existing resources while maintaining quality.

Learn More Online 

For more information about the requirements of the program you may visit the Indiana State University web site section dedicated to this degree. review the Getting Started Guide, and the SOT Graduate Handbook .    If you have further questions, please contact program coordinators:

Dr. Ronald C. Woolsey
G009F, School of Technology
University of Central Missouri 
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Campus: 660-543-4340
Fax: 660-543-4578