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Extended Studies

Humphreys 410
Toll Free: 877-729-8266, ext 2
Local: 660-543-4672

Summer Sessions 2016

You changed your major, want to retake a course, or finish one in six weeks?

Continue your education this Summer at the University of Central Missouri!  Save time and money while you accelerate your college education.  You can complete a 16 week course in as few as six weeks. The faster you finish your degree program, the sooner you will begin your career.

Summer Student Services

Along with the student services that UCM offers in the Fall and Spring semesters, UCM also provides even more in the Summer:

Join Us This Summer

UCM is ready to help you make the most of your summer!  Use the Web to learn more about UCM's summer session dates, summer enrollment, and enrollment timeline. You can even browse for courses by academic department or session dates.

Not in Warrensburg?  Not a problem!

Don't want to come to campus to take classes?  Contact the Office of Extended Studies to find out what degree programs you can complete without stepping foot on our Warrensburg campus. 

So, now is the time to . . . Get Going.  Get Done.  Get Ahead!