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Violence & Substance Abuse Prevention

Administration Building 102
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4044

CA Education Program Funding Guidelines

CA Alcohol Program Funding Guidelines

Overview of Funding:

The purpose of this funding is to provide an incentive for CAs to utilize one of the VSAP prepared programs for their alcohol education program required by Housing.  It is intended that the funding will primarily be used to provide snacks for your program to help encrourage residents to attend, though other uses may be approved.

Description of Criteria:

  1. CA must utilize one of the 4 prepared programs by VSAP in order to receive funding.
  2. All programs must have prior approval from the VSAP office, 1 week before program.
  3. Funds will be awarded per program, not per CA.
  4. Alcohol Education funds may be used only for specified expenditures.
  5. CAs must not glamorize or normalize high risk drinking when advertising the event nor during the event.
  6. CAs must have their residents complete a program evaluation (provided by VSAP) as a part of their program.

Funding Parameters for Targeted Audience:

Steps to the funding process:

Contact Person for funding:   

Rhonda Neill, Administration 102,, 660-543-4044


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