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Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Martin Building, Room 222
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4896
Email: Dr. Karen Bradley, Director


Individualized Undergraduate Major in WGS

In some cases, students are so interested in WGS as a field of study that they want to major in the subject, not just have a minor in it.  While WGS does not officially have a major program, students are allowed to create an individualized major if they feel that this is most useful for their learning and career trajectory. An individualized major in WGS is geared towards students who are strongly committed to working in the field of WGS advocacy and service or want to head towards a Ph.D. in this area.  

The first step would be to discuss this decision with the WGS Director as it takes her/his approval to apply.  If this comes to be the best course of action, then you would follow the university guidelines on declaring an individualized major (See the current year’s Undergraduate Catalog).  Typically, you can find this in the section entitled, “Additional Academic Opportunities.” 

With an individualized major, you will still have to complete the General Education components and all the minimum requirements for an undergraduate degree.  Then you and the WGS director will select a set of courses and submit those courses to the University for approval. It is importnt to know that you do take some risk in creating an individualized programs as other institutions are not obligated to recognize the degree. Most do, but they are not obligated to, for example, if you go onto graduate study. the degree plan must be approved by the WGS Director, the CAHSS Dean, the Registrar, and the Associate Provost.

In the case of the WGS program, we have a “named” individualized major.  This means that on your degree, it would be written on your diploma and transcript.  For example, it would say “Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies: Individualized Major.”   This also requires that 50% of your coursework has to be completed at UCM AFTER your plan of study is approved.  You will also need to have a minimum of 40 credit hours but you can’t include courses that fulfill General Education requirements. 

So, if you want to declare an individualize major,  the first step is to contact the WGS Director.