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Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Martin Building, Room 222
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4896
Email: Dr. Karen Bradley, Director


Minor in WGS

What is a minor and why?

Many students are unfamiliar with the purpose and process of declaring a minor.  UCM encourages students to select a minor that prepares you in a secondary area with knowledge and skills that can supplement your major. It is a useful way to market yourself to employers and to just get a little bit smarter about things that matter!

If you decide to declare WGS as your minor, you should make an appointment with your academic advisor (in the college where your own major is located).  They will add your minor choice to your academic record.  Then, you should stop in and introduce yourself to the WGS Director in Martin 222 so we can help you get started with course selection!

A student with a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies will be able to:

To complete a minor, you need to take 18 hours of designated courses. Three of the courses are required WGS Courses. Note that all three of these courses are General Education courses, so they will count both in General Education AND in your WGS Minor.  To ensure you have a good foundation, we only ask you to take two of the three courses along with the feminist theory course.  We expect that you should be able to achieve scores of A or B in those courses.  If you are not fully successful (receive a grade of C or below) we strongly urge you to go ahead and take the third course within WGS.  This will help ensure you are prepared.  (And it will also count for General Education and a WGS elective)  


Select two courses from the following three: (6)

      (GE) WGS 1050 Women’s Voices (3)
      (GE) WGS 2000 Race, Class & Gender (3)
      (GE) WGS 2050 Sexuality, Debate & Action (3)

WGS 4850 Feminist Theory (3)


Next you will need to take 9 credit hours of WGS electives.  Notice that most of these courses are taught in other programs.  WGS is an area of study that is interdisciplinary.  That means, many different disciplines have contributed to this area of study and that working across different disciplines gives you a more holistic perspective on the topic.  Consequently, we want you to take at least three elective courses (which have at least two different prefixes different from WGS. Note a few courses have prerequisites and a few are only two credit hours long. You have to make adjustments for those courses.)


Select electives from the following 9 credit hours (must reflect at least two different prefix areas other than WGS)

ANTH 4820 Anthropology of Gender (3)
CFD 1010 Individual & Family Relationships (3)
CFD 4220 Sexuality across the Lifespan (3)
CFD 4850 Family Policy and Advocacy (3)
CJ 4403 Sexual Assault & the Criminal Justice System (3)
CJ 4920 Women and Crime (3)
COMM 4285 Women & Minorities in Media (3)
COMM 4335 Gender Communications (3)
ENGL 2270 Fict. By Women around the World (3)
ENGL 4560 British Women Writers (3)
ENGL 4660 Women Writers of the United States (3)
HED 4320 Teaching Sexuality Education in the School (3)
HIST 4310 Women in America (3)
HIST 4419 Women in Modern Europe (3)
HIST 4327 African American Women, Gender & Girlhood (3)
NUR 2020 Health: Women’s Perspective (2)*
NUR 4030 Human Sexuality (2)*
POLS 3553 Women and Politics (3)
POLS 4581 Civil Rights and Liberties (3)
PSY 4320 Psychology of Women (2)*
REL 2510 Gender & Religions (3)
SOC 4855 Sociology of Gender & Sexuality (3)
WGS 4810 Special Projects in Women, Gender & Sexuality (1-6) (use 1 hr of this, to match a 2 hr course*)


(GE) indicates that the course meets a General Education Requirement.


You should make an effeort to stop by WGS office and check in periodically. It does take an effot to connect but the result is more satisfying and well-rounded academic experience. We, too, will make sure check in with you along the way. We hope the WGS office will become a comfortable place for you to visit.