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UCM Course Credit for Dale Carnegie Training

As of March of 2008, people who enroll in Dale Carnegie Training in more than 75 countries worldwide now have the opportunity to gain course credit from the University of Central Missouri. Anyone in the world who takes one of the Dale Carnegie courses listed below, accredited by the American Council on Education, can request college credit from UCM in one of two ways.


1. Transcription of Previous Coursework: Any student that has completed one of the courses listed below, on or after April 28, 1983, may request to have their coursework transcribed. Complete and follow the directions on the Dale Carnegie transcript request form. The course grade appears on the transcript as "CR", indicating a passing grade. Under our agreement with Dale Carnegie & Associates (DCAI), UCM follows DCAI's grading rubric indicating CR is the equivalent of "C", or better in the course.


2. Enrollment in Current Offerings Offered By Dale Carnegie Franchises: Contact the Dale Carnegie Franchise located near you to find out if they are currently working with UCM to ensure their offerings are available for credit and to enroll.


Available Courses

Dale Carnegie Course Name
UCM Course Equivalent
Effective Communication & Human Relations
UCM Course Name: COMM 2700
Skills For Success
UCM Course Name: COMM 1700
Sales Advantage
UCM Course Name: MKT 4480
Leadership Training For Managers
UCM Course Name: MGT 3300
High Impact Presentations
UCM Course Name: COMM 4300
Strictly Business: Immersion Seminar
UCM Course Name: COMM 4370
How To Sell Like A Pro
UCM Course Name: MKT 4480
UCM Course Name: COMM 1100