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Fundamentals of Employee Engagement

About the Course:

This comprehensive eight-hour course covers the fundamental principles of engagement. These principles are described and examined using a proven, model-based system for developing engagement.


What You Will Learn:
You will be exposed to a blueprint for developing and implementing an employee engagement strategy from start to finish. The course uses a format of presentation and open discussion to analyze the concepts, models and tools:

  • The Partnership Model: the basis of an engagement culture and the rules of the engagement system.
  • The Engagement Strategy: A comprehensive plan for implementing and maintaining engagement...and the results it produces.
  • The Pyramid of Components: The tools, techniques and processes used to develop engagement.
  • The role that incentives play in a successful engagement strategy.
  • The three core information sources:
    • The Engagement Survey: Used to identify the level of engagement at your company.
    • Performance ScoreCards
    • Process and social maps
  • Department Action Teams (DATs): The process that enables employees to use the engagement tools, act on the information and generate improvement.
  • Developing a Readiness Index: A case history of how an international energy firm measured the alignment of its human resources to its operational strategy.
  • Defining executive VALUE: A case history of how a major banking system developed the leadership team's engagement skills...and how it established executive accountability for supporting the engagement initiative.
  • Examples of the necessary communication, information and education necessary for employee engagement.
  • Discussion of how the system has been implemented at a variety of companies and the correlated engagement and performance results will keep the learning relevant.


Performance Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to

  • Explain how to develop employee engagement in your company.
  • Develop an engagement strategy and incorporate it into the business strategy.
  • Design and implement tactics that will engage your employees.


Who Needs to Attend:
This course is designed for professionals who are responsible for delivering results through people.
Common job roles include: business owners, corporate executives, managers, supervisors, HR and OD professionals and business students who want to develop a competitive edge to their skill sets.


No prior knowledge needed, just a desire to learn.


Required Materials

  • Book: "Employee Engagement: The Framework For The Future."(provided)
  • Companion manual "Employee Engagement Toolbox" which contains 37 tools, illustrations, diagrams, models and work flows. (provided)


Follow-Up Courses:
Mastering the Engagement Survey
Designing Dashboards, ScoreCards and Incentive Pay
Developing Process and Social Maps
Leading Department Action Teams
Measuring and Developing the Engagement Skills of Executives
Customizing and Using the Accomplishments Review System
Developing and Sustaining a Successful Recognition Program