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Healthcare IT professionals are in demand and it is our intention to make sure they have the skills necessary to succeed. In this comprehensive eight-week, online course, you will be exposed to a theoretically rich, hands-on introduction to networking in the healthcare environment.


Our HIN course includes the following at no additional cost:

  • 365, 7 days a week remote access to the University of Central Missouri’s NetLab equipment (scheduling required)
  • Guided instruction facilitated by certified instructors with industry experience


What You’ll Learn:

  • Pertinent information about healthcare in the United States
  • Understanding of electronic health records
  • How to design a healthcare network
  • Designing the medical group LAN
  • Designing and implementing WAN Services
  • Securing a healthcare information network
  • Supporting the medical group network


Who Needs to Attend
Individuals looking for career-oriented, entry-level healthcare specialist skills. It is designed for students pursuing opportunities in the health IT field.


Common Job Roles:

Network Specialist, Network Administrator, Network Support Engineer in the Healthcare Industry




Follow-up Courses:
We recommend that you follow this course with:


Certificates and Degree Programs:
This course is a part of the following programs or tracks:


Why the University of Central Missouri

  • Decade of experience as a Cisco® Networking Academy
  • Certified Instructors with industry experience
  • Courses can be taken from the convenience of home in an online environment
  • 40 hours of guided instruction, 4.0 Continuing Education Units Awarded