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Health Information Technology Certificate

About the Program

Companies are seeking IT Professionals who can build health information networks. UCM's Health Information Certificate lays the foundation. It gives you an advantage in creating and maintaining healthcare networks and prepares you to take at least one industry recognized certification (two if you take the optional course).


The common job roles this certificate prepares you for are: Network Specialist, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Installer, Network Technician and Support Engineer.




Recommended Optional Courses:


What You Will Gain

  • Practical understanding of the operation of modern TCP/IP networks built with Cisco hardware
  • Hands-on experience designing and building health information networks
  • The knowledge how to install, monitor and troubleshoot network infrastructure


If taking the optional courses:

  • Hand-on experience designing and building mid-sized information networks
  • Basic understanding of project management



UCM is a comprehensive university known for quality teaching and real-world application. UCM is home to a Cisco Certified Network Academy.