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Creating an Engaged Work Environment

About the Program

As a participant in Dale Carnegie's Live Online Development Program, be prepared to engage!  Unlike most virtual lectures or webinars during which you listen and watch a passive observer, our live programs require you active contributions and participation throughout.


Your instructors will join by video and ask you and peer participants to share your goals, thoughts and relevant work experience through white boarding, speaking and chatting through carefully designed activities.  You'll collaborate in smaller, live breakout groups and complete projects.  In short, the program captures the timeless, traditional and transformational Dale Carnegie classroom experience - online.  Instructors are certified in the time tested practices of Dale Carnegie classroom delivery, and also trained and coached in a challenging tandem online certification process.




What You Will Gain

  • Create a motivating, accountable work environment
  • Plan and follow up on performance outcomes
  • Coach, delegate and manage non-performance
  • Conduct performance appraisals to rave about
  • Enhance your personal leadership vision
  • Handle mistakes and improve processes
  • Identify the five success factors for leading virtual teams
  • Create a project plan that stretches your ability to engage your workforce
  • Identify actions to take and tools to use to ensure communication and team building occurs within virtual teams
  • Learn the keys to presentations that captivate and influence your audience


Why UCM & Dale Carnegie

UCM is a comprehensive university known for quality teaching and real-world application. Dale Carnegie is world-renown for their ability to produce effective communicators and leaders of high-performance teams.