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Team-based Training: Measurable Management

About the Program

Even the best of “Strategic Management Initiatives” can be met with resistance and skepticism and often end up as costly, yet neglected tools in the management tool kit. Why? Because participants in these initiatives take only what they can easily understand, which is typically the intellectual, technical and mechanical elements of organizational change. The resistance begins when there is a failure to understand human behavior and the need to skillfully manage, lead and motivate others through change. Consequently, organizations are left with the inability to implement even those mechanisms that were understood and this is where the initiative fails.


Measurable Management® addresses the attitudes, skills and tools for managing, leading and motivating individuals through organizational change. Measurable Management® is not a replacement for other initiatives, but can be more aptly described as a missing ingredient.


Measurable Management®:

  • Maximizes the benefits and strengthens other quality initiatives such
    as Balanced Scorecard, TQM, Lean, Six Sigma, etc.
  • Reduces turmoil and resistance to strategic initiatives
  • Provides a solid platform for implementation
  • Sustains performance of other initiatives for a much longer period