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Does your tech writer skill set need updating? Take a step today and enroll in an extraordinary, Technical Writing Certificate course from JER Online

It's entirely FREE to past and present students.

Since its launch on August 26th, 2013, over 500 autonomous learners have enrolled in "The Fundamentals of Structured Technical Documentation" course.

Learn from an expert with years of documentation experience. Instructor, Phyllis Croce will teach you everything you need to know. Plus, she will provide you with up-to-date tips and techniques that can easily be applied to your own documentation projects. Do your job better!

This complete course is designed to further your technical writing skills with use of XMetaL, XML, and the DITA standard. It also introduces you to other writing standards, output options, and content management systems. Enrolled Students can choose to receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. Here are the details:

  • This is a non-tuition based, self-paced, complete course that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.
  • There are 7 lessons.
  • Average completion time is 6 - 7 weeks.
  • Complete at your own or accelerated pace.
  • No purchase of software is needed.
  • Accredited university, paper-based certificate purchase is optional.
  • Course enrollment period ends December 31, 2013

Complete this course, a short objective end of course exam, and earn a valued paper-based Accredited University Certificate. The cost of the certificate and processing fee is $59.00USD domestic and $69.00USD international. For certificate processing details write to: or call 706-216-3406.

Do not delay your course of study. Complete soon! Add this valued certificate credential to your resume.