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Multi- Cultural Communication and Leadership

About the Program

Multi-cultural communication consists of perceptiveness, understanding verbal and non-verbal language, appreciating diversity in organizations and responding to situtations with confidence.  As organizations grow and the world becomes smaller, these skills are essential to effective leadership.


In today's competitive workforce, certificate programs are an efficient step toward advancement.  Certificate programs provide a set of competencies for professional development in a manageable timeframe.


Individual courses may be eligible for credit toward a degree program or transferred to another university.  Please, check with your institution about all transfer work.




What You Will Gain

  • Lead effectively and with confidence
  • Make an impact through communication
  • Maintain composure under pressure
  • Build confidence and risk-taking skills
  • Cultivate organization leadership skills
  • Plan and deliver engaging presentations
  • Sell ideas and inspire others
  • Critically analyze multi-cultural interactions and cultures


Why UCM & Dale Carnegie

UCM is a comprehensive university known for quality teaching and real-world application. Dale Carnegie is world-renown for their ability to produce effective communicators and leaders of high-performance teams.