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Organizational Leadership

About the Program

Master the capabilities demanded in today's business environment.  Complete this program and gain the confidence to be a persuasive communicator, creative problem solver and focused leader.


Learn to establish realistic goals, carry out a business plan, manage resources, boost team and individual perfomance, and lead successful change initiatives.




What You Will Gain

  • Make an impact through communcation
  • Maintain composure under pressure
  • Create a vision
  • Build confidence and risk-taking skills
  • Motivate others and gain loyalty
  • Lead a winning team
  • Establish standards and accountability
  • Plan and deliver powerful presentations
  • Master the eight-step planning process
  • Align performance goals with strategy


Why UCM & Dale Carnegie

UCM is a comprehensive university known for quality teaching and real-world application. Dale Carnegie is world-renown for their ability to produce effective communicators and leaders of high-performance teams.