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Project Management Essentials

About the Course
Managing a project and being aware of the methods and processes involved in projects is critical in today’s business world. The foundations of project management are presented in this 28-hour course with an emphasis on project planning and controlling the project. This course offers a job-related approach to successful project management across application areas and industries.


What You Will Learn:

Participants will be exposed to each of the ten knowledge areas and the five process groups in a review/discussion type presentation. Basic overviews of each of the key processes will be covered. Open discussion, active participation and completing the scenario-based exercises will be essential to help reinforce the details needed to retain the information.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a detailed level of understanding of project management processes and knowledge areas with a focus on planning and project controls.
  • Initiate a project using a project charter and identification of stakeholders.
  • Create a project plan including schedule, cost, quality, communications, staffing, risk, and stakeholder management.
  • Execute the project following the project plan, implementing proper change control and quality assurance.
  • Monitor and control project scope, quality and risks.
  • Close the project including contracts, lessons learned and project reviews.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of critical path and scheduling compression methods and earned value management methods to monitor and control costs and schedules.


Who Needs to Attend:

This course is designed for novice or accidental project managers who want to learn or increase their project management skills and apply a standards-based approach to project management. Information in this course can serve as the building blocks for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® and the Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification.



No prequisites are required however a general concept of project management will be helpful.


Required Texts:

  • Project Management Body of Knowledge, 5th edition (PMBOK)
  • PM Essentials Workbook


To Ensure Your Success

We recommend you complete as much pre-course reading as possible. This includes reading the PMBOK and learning terms and processes.

  • Session 1: Project Management Fundamentals, History and Benefits
  • Session 2: Project Management Methodologies, Processes and Knowledge Areas
  • Session 3: Project Manager Roles, Capabilities and Skill Sets
  • Session 4: Project Selection, Selection Methods and Models
  • Session 5: Project Charter, Project Plans and Documents
  • Session 6: Collecting Requirements, Scope Statements and the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Session 7: Time Management, Critical Path, Estimating, and Schedule Compression
  • Session 8: Risk Management, The Risk Matrix and Register
  • Session 9: Quality Management, Metrics and Quality Tools
  • Session 10: Controlling the Project and Change Control
  • Session 11: Managing Cost, Earned Value Management and Estimating
  • Session 12: Managing Procurement, Contract Types and Fundamentals
  • Session 13: Managing Communications and Stakeholders
  • Session 14: The Kickoff Meeting
  • Session 15: Closing Projects
  • Session 16: Making it Work in Your Organization and the Checklist


Follow-Up Courses:

We recommend that you follow this course with