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Training & Services: Workshops

The University of Central Missouri's is proud to present professional development offered in bite-sized pieces. These workshops are offered periodically in an open enrollment format and can be customized to fit the needs of an organization.


Presentation Mastery Series:

Informing and Inspiring with Style: (1-3 hrs)
Master the basics of development and delivery and become a highly-skilled presenter. Organize presentations for optimal effectiveness and discover how to build rapport and inspire an audience of any size.


Managing Presentation Anxiety: I Think I Can…: (1-3 hrs)
Do your hands shake or stomach turn in knots every time you speak in front of the room? Discover the source of your fear and explore strategies to manage it. Become a confident and effective speaker.


From Beginning to End: Techniques for Presentation Structure: (1-3 hrs)
Master presentation development! Acquire techniques and create: (1) powerful and enticing openings, (2) clear, concise, information and evidence-based bodies and (3) memorable closings.


Embracing Delivery: Presenting with Persuasive Appeal: (1-3 hrs)
Powerful presentations on paper converted to powerful presentations delivered. Attain simple strategies to persuade, inspire and captivate an audience.


Power(Point)ful Presentations: High Tech with High Touch: (1-3 hrs)
Technology can make or break a presentation. Master when and how to integrate technology to enhance your effectiveness and fulfill on the intention of the presentation.


Technical Writing Series


Writing Effective Instructions: (1-3 hrs)
Clear instructions reduce time off task, errors, and repeated clarifications. Learn techniques to make your instructions clear so they provide accurate results.


Designing Documents for Comprehension: (1-3 hrs)
The way a document is designed can actually make the material easier to comprehend. Learn techniques to make your documents appealing and readable for your audience.


Localization: Documents That Make Sense for Every Audience: (1-3 hrs)
What makes sense for one audience doesn't necessarily make sense for another. Increase your awareness of factors that require adjustment so your documents make sense for every audience.


Grammar Review: Basic Punctuation, Common Spelling and Grammatical Errors: (1-3 hrs)
If commas, semi-colons, and colons keep you guessing, or if you can't figure out what is grammatically "off" about your sentences, then this review of punctuation and grammar basics will increase your confidence in everyday writing situations.