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History BA

History Is Happening Now

Interpreting and comprehending the past is challenging, but it can help us navigate the rapidly-changing world with greater success. The History program’s goal is to provide a broad understanding of the causes and effects of our past across multiple cultures and peoples, in order to accurately read the present. You will build fundamental critical-thinking, research, and communication skills while expanding your cultural literacy and coming to understand better the world in which we live today. This major is for students who wish to work in museums and archives, state and federal government, law, journalism, teaching, or the business world. 

Experiential Learning

Learn History By Doing It

Sometimes the best way to learn history is by actively pursuing it outside the classroom. Within our History program, you can get internships with various regional public history partners, such as the Harry Truman Presidential Library and Museum or Whiteman Air Force Base. Or turn your attention to the wider world through a study abroad opportunity in a country or region you have studied in the classroom. Click here to see the brochure for the History B.A. degree.

Melissa McAlister and Tom Bussiere

What is the B.A. in History?

Like all Bachelor of Arts programs, the B.A. in History includes a required modern languages component. Otherwise, the history requirements are the same as the B.S. in History.

Why the B.A. in History?

The B.A. in History is a good choice if you wish to pursue a graduate degree in history or perhaps go to law school. The modern language component is good training for graduate entrance exams and coursework.

What can I do with a B.A. in History?

The B.A. in History provides you with the essential critical thinking and communication skills and specialized training that can lead to careers in law, business, museum and archive management, journalism, state park and historical site management, politics, teaching, or any number of other professions.

Historical Specialities

The history program has experts and coursework in Asian history, African history, African-American history, American history, European history, Latin American history, Military history, Middle Eastern history, and Public history.

History out of the Classroom

You can join our very active History Club, take field trips to historical sites, attend historical exhibits and film festivals, and meet with History professionals active in the field. Phi Alpha Theta Initiates


Dr. Joshua Nygren
Associate Professor/Program Coordinator
Wood 136G
Tel: (660) 543-8738


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