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Middle School-Junior High School, BSE - Math Concentration

Embrace the Challenge

Teaching middle school is both challenging and rewarding. With a Math concentration in the BSE in Middle School-Junior High School degree program, you will benefit from clinical (hands on, in actual middle school classrooms) learning through a sequence of field experiences designed to foster professional and personal growth and development. You will be prepared to engage students in mathematics, develop strong leadership skills, and value cooperative learning. Your faculty are experienced middle level educators, providing both theory and practical application that translates directly to your success in the classroom and the field.

High Employment Rates

Middle School majors have one of the highest employment rates in teacher education among UCM graduates. The teacher education program will prepare you to be a competent, caring, reflective teacher committed to the premise that all can learn. Utilizing a co-teaching student teaching model means you will be in the field for over 100 hours before you even begin student teaching.

Student Learning Objectives

You will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the Middle School/Junior High School program to:

  • Apply knowledge when making curricular decisions, planning and implementing instruction, participating in middle level practices, and providing healthy and effective learning environments for all young adolescents.
  • Use knowledge and available resources to design, implement, and evaluate challenging, developmentally responsive curriculum that results in meaningful learning outcomes.
  • Define the developmentally responsive middle level programs and schools, and they work successfully within middle level organizational components.
  • Use and reflect on research related to data-informed instruction and assessment. Employ a variety of developmentally appropriate instructional strategies, information literacy skills, and technologies to meet the learning needs of all young adolescents.
  • Engage in practices and behaviors that develop their competence as middle level professionals. Demonstrate positive dispositions and engage in ethical professional behaviors.

Student Involvement

You will have multiple opportunities to be involved both on and off campus:

  • Student Missouri State Teachers Association
  • Collegiate Middle Level Association
  • Kappa Delta Pi
  • Phi Kappa Phi
  • Central Missouri Mathematics Educators (CMME)



UCM is the longest continuously CAEP accredited public institution in Missouri


This program has been nationally recognized by the Association of Middle Level Education (AMLE)


The Mathematics Education program at UCM is accredited by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics




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