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Psychology BA

Learn About Brain and Behavior

The B.A. in Psychology is a challenging and exciting combination of learning about people and skills in scientific thinking. You will gain a solid foundation in the major areas of psychological science, everything from how the brain works to how other people influence our behavior. The curriculum meets goals identified by the American Psychological Association and gives you a range of career options.

Psychological Science at UCM

Course Requirements for the B.A.

Our B.A. in Psychology gives you a broad background in the major areas of Psychology, emphasizing Psychology as a scientific discipline. All B.A. degrees at UCM include a nine-hour modern language requirement. Proficiency in another language can improve your career prospects.

Course requirements include 31-34 hours of Psychology courses, depending on whether you choose lab courses or non-lab options. The curriculum starts with Psy 1000 Orientation to Psychology, which will help you understand the career options that are open to you and get you started planning your degree. That course is book-ended by our senior capstone course, Psy 4110 History of Psychology, which will help you pull together all the knowledge and skills you have developed and prepare for the next step in your career, whether that step is immediate employment or a graduate program.

Choosing Between the B.A. and B.S

UCM gives you the opportunity to select between a B.A. or B.S. in Psychology. Both degrees provide a solid foundation in psychological science and work well as the basis for entry into a bachelor’s-level career or a graduate program. The B.A. is a more flexible degree that works well for students who are interested in psychology but may wish to pursue careers or graduate study in areas other than psychology. Most psychology majors do not become professional psychologists! Instead, they use their unique combination of scientific thinking skills and knowledge about human behavior in a broad array of career paths.

Get Involved in Research

One of the special things about UCM Psychological Science is the opportunity to students to do research with our department faculty. As a scientific discipline, we are constantly learning new things about behavior and how the mind works. You can be a part of that while building your skills and getting to know your faculty. Our students often present their research at student conferences, co-author presentations at major conferences, and sometimes even co-author publications with their faculty mentors.

B.A. Completion Program at Lee’s Summit

For busy, career-driven students, the B.A. Psychology program can help you complete your degree in psychology. You can complete the psychology major requirements through a combination of online courses and courses that meet face-to-face at our beautiful facility in Lee’s Summit. You can complete the psychology requirements part-time, in four semesters, if you have already completed general education requirements or earned your Associate’s degree.

Recommended Sequence for Completing at Lee’s Summit

This sample plan shows how the major requirements in Psychology could be completed in two years. Students should also plan to complete any remaining degree requirements such as General Education (if not coming in with a completed Associate’s degree), Modern Language Requirement, and Electives.

It is assumed that students have already completed Psy 1100 (General Psychology) or the equivalent; if not, it can be taken online during the summer.

See the UCM Undergraduate Catalog for specific degree requirements. 

Check the complete B.A. in Psychology requirements to determine if you need additional courses to complete your degree. 

Psy 1000 Orientation to Psychology – UCM Lee's Summit
Psy 3340 Social Psychology –UCM Lee's Summit
Psy 4150 Cognitive Psychology – online

Psy 3120 Brain and Behavior – online
Psy 2130 Learning - online


Psy 3030 Introduction to Statistics for Psychology - online
Psy 3220 Lifespan Development – online

Psy 3100 Research Methods – online
Psy 4440 Abnormal Psychology –UCM Lee's Summit

Psy 4310 Theories of Personality – online
Psy 4110 History of Psychology –UCM Lee's Summit



Dr. Ellie Hwang
Program Coordinator
Lov 1204
Tel: (660) 543-8911


Contact for BA at Lee's Summit

Brenda Fuhr
MIC A113
Tel: (660) 543-8252



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