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Sociology BS

Sociology Is Social Action

The study of sociology can help students better understand the diverse world around them. Topics that are discussed in sociology classes include mass shootings, wealth and poverty, the impact of culture in our daily lives, domestic violence, educational success, and bureaucracy. Students majoring in sociology will find a variety of occupations for which they are prepared, including management, research, and social services.

Requirements For The Degree

Thirty-six  hours of sociology courses are required, including 18 required semester hours and 18 elective hours in sociology.

Job Opportunities

The unique combination of societal understanding, communication, and analytical skills make the sociology graduate marketable across many industries and types of work. Some common industries are Human Services, Marketing/Public Relations, Management/Human Resources, Fundraising/Project Research, and Health Care. For further employment opportunities, see

Professional Organizations

Two of the main professional orgnizations to which sociologists belong are the Amercian Sociological Association (ASA) and the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS).

  • American Sociological Association
  • Website:
  • Explore different areas of sociology (the environment, culture, race, biology, etc.
  • Learn about the different sections in the ASA. Sections are officially-recognized groups of sociologists who share a common interest in a specific topic
  • Learn about, and plan to attend, the annual meeting which is held in metropolitan areas across the country.
  • Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology
  • Website:
  • Applied sociology is the utilization of sociological theory, methods, and skills to collect and analyze data and to communicate the findings to understand and resolve pragmatic problems of clients.
  • Explore a variety ofcareer options in the field of applied sociology.
  • Learn about, and plan to attend, the annual meeting which is held in metropolitan areas across the country.

Speak For Sociology

Speak For Sociology is a publication by the American Sociological Association that discusses a wide variety of 'hot topics'  including politics, gender, equality, and the environment.


Dr. Karen Bradley
Professor and Coordinator, Sociology Program
Martin 236D
Tel: (660) 543-8195


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