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English Minor (BSE)

Do you want to enrich your Education major with a solid foundation in English literature and the skills you need to improve students’ understanding of Language Arts at the elementary or middle school level? Then the English minor for BSE at the University of Central Missouri is perfect for you. 

This minor is specifically designed to complement the Bachelor of Science in Education program. It’s an enriching addition for any future educator who loves literature or wants to deepen their understanding of Language Arts. It is also a great fit for students majoring in Secondary Education in fields like History, Social Studies or Modern Languages who want to develop a related area of expertise. Courses are taught by expert faculty and cover all periods of English literature. You’ll also have the chance to learn fresh teaching concepts and strategies in grammar, composition and evaluation.

Best of all, this undergraduate program’s success rate is a proven one: Graduates of the English minor for Elementary Education majors have achieved a 100% job placement rate in recent years.

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What you will study

English education is a critical component to any child’s education. It has evolved over the years past the outdated model of simple quizzes and reading assignments to recognize and teach literacies of all types.

Our English minor for Education majors can arm you with the tools and confidence you need to instill a passion for literature in elementary and middle school students, while helping them develop the communication, reading and writing skills that are vital to their future. Students pursuing the English minor for Education majors at UCM take courses such as:

  • Composition and Evaluation: Learn how to teach techniques of writing and evaluate students’ compositions.
  • English Grammar: Delve into a comparative study of English grammar, with a strong emphasis on traditional grammar and including structural and transformational approaches.
  • African American Literature: Study the work of African American writers from the Colonial period to the present, with an emphasis on twentieth-century writers.


Unique learning opportunities in English education

At the University of Central Missouri, we focus on practical education for our students. Courses such as Composition and Evaluation and English Grammar are taught with the needs of future teachers in mind. You will learn concepts that not only deepen your personal understanding of literature and writing, but can also be applied to your teaching practice in the classroom.


What can you do with a minor in English for Education majors from UCM?

Most of our graduates with English Education minors get hired to teach English at the elementary school level in Missouri. Some choose to pursue graduate coursework or additional teaching certifications. Recently, 100% of our graduates had a job in education or had moved on to grad studies within six months of graduation. 

Additionally, first-year teachers who graduated from UCM are consistently rated by Missouri education professionals as better-prepared for the classroom than average.

Learn more about careers in teaching English

Explore all the career opportunities that a minor in English for Education majors can make possible using the interactive tool below. Get information about potential salaries, job outlooks and more.




Financial assistance options for your Elementary Education English minor

At the University of Central Missouri, we believe that you shouldn’t have to go into debt to become a teacher. We’re proud to offer more affordable tuition than many in-state colleges across Missouri and throughout the country. On top of that, 94% of our undergraduates receive financial aid.

These are just some of the reasons why we’re ranked as a top overall university nationally for low student debt by LendEDU. You can also learn more about program-specific scholarships for Education majors, including Middle and Elementary English minors, using the UCM Scholarship Finder.




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Explore minors related to English.

UCM also offers a variety of other minors that complement majors such as Education and English:


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