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English Minor

Are you hoping to major in health studies but read Hamlet on the side? Peruse poems as you complete your business degree? You can indulge in all your favorite literature when you minor in English at the University of Central Missouri. Add this undergraduate program to your UCM studies and you’ll read the world’s best works, from classic masterpieces to contemporary perspectives.

Completing a minor in English helps you improve your skills in research and writing — essential skills for success in today’s economy. By helping you think critically about the things you love to read, this fun and practical program can benefit any career field.

Convenient class options

UCM’s English minor offers coursework both online and in person at our Warrensburg campus. Our online classes are 100% asynchronous, making it easy to complete the major of your choice. Only a few in-person classes are required to complete our minor in English.

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Strengthen your literary skills

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Small class sizes

What you will study

Our English minor classes enable you to expand your worldview through the eyes of writers from a variety of time periods and cultures. Transport yourself from Jane Austen’s England to Langston Hughes’ Harlem and even into imaginary lands.

This minor will expose you to the broad and fascinating history of English literature, from the Medieval period up to the present day. Core classes for the minor in English include:

  • Introduction to Reading Poetry and Drama
  • Introduction to Reading Fiction
  • Shakespeare

Beyond your core courses, you’ll have the flexibility to choose electives that cater to your interests. Whether you love the classics or are hooked on modern dramas, this undergraduate program can satisfy all your literary cravings.


Unique learning opportunities for English minors

UCM’s minor in English program offers many ways to expand your literary skills. Enrich your college experience through these activities beyond the classroom.

  • Student organizations: Grab a game night, buy bestsellers at the annual book sale and try your English skills at the pun competition. Participate in these and other fun events organized by Sigma Tau Delta, UCM’s chapter of the National English Honor Society.
  • Magazine publishing: Sign up to work on UCM’s undergraduate publication, Arcade. This literary magazine is produced entirely by students and offers a first-hand look into the publishing industry.
  • Campus events: Meet nationally acclaimed authors through the Pleiades Visiting Writers Series. Engage with the literary community through Q&A sessions and networking events.


What can you do with a minor in English from UCM?

A minor in English is an asset for any career. Our undergraduate program teaches you to read critically, analyze effectively and write clearly. These skills will make you a stronger communicator overall and help you in almost every job you take on.

Opportunities for an English minor

Students with a UCM English minor commonly work in business, law and teaching, but the skills you’ll gain will give you an advantage in any field. Explore your career options below.




Financial assistance options for your English education

The University of Central Missouri is committed to helping you get an affordable, quality education that prepares you for a successful career. We offer competitive tuition that is lower than many other four-year colleges.

You can learn more about program-specific scholarships at the UCM Scholarship Finder.


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Make yourself more marketable.


A minor in English pairs well with many other areas of study at UCM. Consider earning an undergraduate certificate in a second specialty area, or add a second minor to English and your bachelor’s degree program. Some options include:

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Explore programs related to English.


For other programs that can improve your research and writing skills, check out these minors at UCM:


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