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Middle Eastern Studies Minor

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Perhaps no region of the world is more widely discussed yet poorly understood than the Middle East. A \minor in Middle Eastern Studies will “add value” to your major, whether you are studying Political Science, History, International Studies, International Business, Sociology, and Criminal Justice among others. Given the fact that issues emanating from the Middle East are of great concern to U.S. security and foreign policy, this minor will make you even more marketable when applying to graduate school and employment opportunities after graduation.




The Middle Eastern Studies Minor at a Glance

The Middle Eastern Studies minor is a 21-credit program that allows students to take courses across a variety of social science and humanities disciplines. Students can also fulfill the program requirements through completing study abroad opportunities. Students who complete the minor will develop a level of expertise that bolsters their applications for both employment and graduate school opportunities after graduation.     


  • Political Science

  • Anthropology

  • History

  • Religious Studies

  • Criminal Justice

  • Arabic Language



Why Middle Eastern Studies?


Study Abroad

UCM students interested in the Middle East have the opportunity to study abroad in the region.


In Demand

UCM’s Middle Eastern Studies program give students the in-depth knowledge of the region that will set them apart on the job market.


Federal Funding

UCM’s Middle Eastern Studies program is supported by an Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages (UISFL) grant from the Department of Education.

The Middle East beyond the Headlines

Every year, UCM students participate in The Middle East beyond the Headlines, a two-and-a-half week study abroad program to Jordan and Israel. By traveling to the region, students have the opportunity to understand the Middle East’s hot-button issues from a perspective that few Americans enjoy. Students will gain insight into the region through participating in a series of tours, excursions, and lectures. Among the program’s highlights are excursions to Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and Jerusalem, the holiest city on Earth.  Students also enjoy a generous amount of free time, allowing them to get to know their host countries through exploration. Many students use their free time to visit incredible places such as Bethlehem, the Dead Sea, the Baptism Site, Masada, Ein Gedi, and more. Check out the video to the left for a look into students' experiences in The Middle East beyond the Headlines.


Study in Jordan and Israel

Apply Now!

Opportunities for all Students

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Robert W.

Being able to visit the Middle East was, without a doubt, one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had. Being able to have that experience has shown me things and places that most people will never experience in their life, it has transformed my levels of compassion and allowed me to expand my thoughts on the issues that others face in the world. My one piece of advice is this: This journey is a must. Get out of your comfort zone, break down any preconceived barriers and get ready for a life altering experience that you will never forget. Also get ready to fall in love with the cities, sites, and food!






"While in Jordan and Israel I had the chance to expand my personal horizons beyond my understanding of Missouri and the Midwest. Through cultural development and interaction, as well as a deeply personal and intimate experience geared towards critical thinking, qualitative analysis, and current affairs, I honed empathy, adaptability, and facilitation. Such an opportunity greatly impacted my professional life. These skills and experiences have proven useful in my public service and nonprofit work across California, Washington, Colorado, and Kansas, as well in my pursuit of a Masters of Public Affairs at the University of Missouri."

Michael Gawlick, '17, History


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