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Career Services Center

Ward Edwards 1200
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4985
Fax: 660.543.4668

Terms & Conditions

Agreement is completed by accepting the terms and conditions when logging into your HireRed Account.  In addition, you are able to release your information to employers by completing your “Privacy” tab and your “Portfolio” tab available in the “Profile” section of your HireRed account.

I understand that under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURI may not disclose non-directory information from my education record to third parties without my signed written consent.

For the purpose of furthering Central’s efforts to assist me in finding employment, I will initial the following request(s), and provide a signature and date below:

I hereby authorize the Office of Career Services at the UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL MISSOURI to disclose by mail, fax, Internet, e-mail, or any other format, my information that is currently maintained in the office’s database and/or hard files to employing organizations during my active registration with their office.

As a registrant with the Office of Career Services, I request that a copy of my Unofficial Transcript be made available for use by prospective employers in their evaluation of my qualifications. I understand my unofficial transcript will include academic work recorded as of this date.

I understand that falsifying information on my registration/resume/file could lead to loss of privileges/services with the Office of Career Services.

I understand that I should provide at least 24 hour notice when canceling a schedule interview.  If you miss a scheduled interview without providing this notice, a letter of apology must be submitted to the employer.  If you fail to submit the letter, you Career Services account and campus recruiting privileges will be revoked.

I agree to:

  • Accurate information with regards to my job search documents.
  • Allow HireRed to provide my job search documents to prospective employers.
  • Keep all appointments that I’ve scheduled with employers.
  • Sign up for interviews with only employers with whom I’m interested in working.
  • Accept an offer of employment in good faith and immediately notify employers of acceptance or non-acceptance of the offer.  Once an offer has been accepted, withdraw from interviewing process and no longer pursue positions with other employers.
  • Understand that job seekers can be deceived by organizations posing as legitimate employers.  Evidence of this behavior includes requests for personal information (i.e. social security numbers, or credit card numbers) and request for money.  If you are suspicious of such an organization, do not respond to them and please share details with us at
  • Accept that failure to adhere to any point in this agreement may result in the removal of my interview privileges.