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Earth Science

"What Can I Do With a Major in...Earth Science?"

Bachelor of Arts Degree
Bachelor of Science in Education Degree

The graduate with a Bachelor degree in Earth Science will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Collect, analyze and apply information to solve problems.
  • Use various laboratory techniques and/or instruments with understanding, accuracy, precision and safety. (technology)
  • Use the language and concepts of earth science to communicate effectively in oral and written form, to follow instructions precisely and to function in independent and collaborative settings.
  • Exhibit the ethical use of knowledge, materials and procedures that demonstrates an impact on society.
  • Think logically within an earth science framework and be receptive to new ideas and concepts.

Department of Biology and Earth Science:

US Dept. of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook

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Affiliated Organizations

American Academy of Environmental Engineers
American Geological Institute
American Institute of Hydrology
Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists & Geophysicist of Alberta Canada
The Geological Society of America
Pre-Law Student Association (UCM)

Four-Year Academic Plan

Earth Science: B.A. Degree
Earth Science: B.S. in Ed. Degree

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