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Design & Drafting Technology

"What Can I Do With a Major in...Design & Drafting Technology?"

Why Major in Design & Drafting Technology?

The graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Design & Drafting Technology will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Apply current computer-aided drafting and design concepts and technical knowledge to interpret and develop orthographic, pictorial, and schematic drawings.
  • Develop sketching, manual drafting, and computer aided drafting skills to create orthographic, pictorial, and schematic drawings.
  • Integrate related technical and scientific support skills and concepts into computer-aided drafting and design technology applications.
  • Demonstrate oral, written, graphic and numerical communication skills applicable to individual and group activities utilized in computer-aided drafting and design and related technologies.
  • Apply critical and creative thinking as needed for problem solving applicable to computer-aided drafting and design and related technologies.
  • Apply principles of management of personnel, equipment, materials, and processes applicable to computer-aided drafting and design and related technologies.
  • Display a value system based on personal characteristics and ethical behavior appropriate for professions in computer-aided drafting and design and related technologies.

Related Career Titles

3D Renderer-Designer Landscape drafter
Aeronautical drafters Manufacturing Engineer
Architectural drafters Marine drafter
Architecture technician Mechanical Drafter-Designer
Bioinformatics Specialist Mold Maker
Car Body Designer Patent drafter
Civil Drafter Plant Industrial Engineer
Civil Engineering Technologist Plastics Engineer
Cultural Resource Manager Process piping or pipeline drafters
Drafting Designer Research Coordinator
Drafting Teacher Roller Coaster Designer
Drafting Technician Sign Maker
Electrical drafters Textile Designer
Electronics drafters Tool and Die Maker
Engineering Technician Tool design drafter
Geological Engineer Wood Products Production Supervisor
Golf Course Designer Wood Products Technical Salesperson
Heating and ventilating drafter Industrial Designer

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Affiliated Organizations

American Design Drafting Association
The American Institute of Building Design
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Institute of Electrical Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers
National Association of Manufacturers
National Tooling & Machining Association
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc
Employers of Architects & Engineers

Four-Year Academic Plan

Design & Drafting Technology Major, B.S. Degree


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