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Interior Design

"What Can I Do With a Major in...Interior Design?"

Why Major in Interior Design?

The graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design will use the knowledge and skills obtained in these programs to:

  • Produce innovative and skillful work in visual art and design that demonstrates critical and creative thinking in both product and process and exhibits a consideration of theories, practices and emerging trends in art and design.
  • Communicate and support informed and artistically sensitive interpretations and evaluations about their own work as well as visual forms made by others by using perceptual, contextual, critical, and aesthetic concepts that underlie the disciplines of art and design.
  • Identify, describe and explain global, contemporary and historical art/ design works and exhibit a consideration of their relationship to context and theory.
  • Help facilitate a visually rich and culturally sensitive society by describing, explaining and applying the unique and important individual and collaborative artistic contributions made by women and men from diverse racial, geographical and cultural groups.
  • Use technology as a resource in creative and critical processes to produce art, as well as to gather and share information about art and design history, aesthetics and art criticism.
  • Exhibit evidence of an understanding of the professional practices and ethical standards for employment and long-term success in the graduate’s degree program career field.
  • Demonstrate in their work an understanding of and a concern for safety, the principles of sustainability, and the environmental impact of the decisions they make as artists and/or designers.
  • Employ knowledge of art theories, contexts, and art/design works to serve as precedents to inform the production of art and design.

Related Career Titles

Antiques Dealer Home Lighting Consultant
Architect Hotel/Motel Manager
Architect Drafter Human Resources Specialist
Architectural Detailer Interior Decorator
Art Appraiser Interior Designer
Art Director Interior Space Coordinator
Artist Journalist
Buyer Landscape Architect
Civil Drafter Manufacturer's Representative
Commercial/Industrial Designer Market Researcher
Computer Software Engineer Marketing Specialist
Computer-Aided Design Technician Merchandise Displayer
Contract Designer Museum Exhibit Designer
Contract Specialist/Administrator Packaging Designer
Cost Estimator Photographer
Curator Property Manager
Custom Designer Public Relations Specialist
Design Assistant Purchasing Agent
Design Consultant Real Estate Broker
Design Contractor Residential Consultant
Desktop Publisher Residential Designer
Development Model Designer Restaurant Manager
Drafter Retail Store Manager
Drapery Maker Sales Associate
Environment Planner Sales Representative
Environmental Designer Set Designer
Environmental Planner Space Designer
Exhibit Designer Space Planner
Facilities Manager Store/Home Consultant
Facilities Planner Teacher, Higher Education
Floral Designer Teacher, Secondary
Furniture Designer Teacher, Vocational
Graphic Designer Textile Colorist
Historic Preservationist Textile Designer
Home Furnishings Coordinator Upholsterer
Home Furnishings Merchandiser Visual Merchandiser
Home Furnishings/Products Manufacturer Writer

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Affiliated Organizations

American Society of Interior Designers (UCM)
American Society of Interior Designers
Council for Interior Design Accredidation
Environmental Design Research Association
Home Furnishings International Association
Interior Design Educators Council
Interior Design Society
International Association of Lighting Designers
International Facility Management Association
International Federation of Internior Architects/Designers
International Interior Design Association
Latin American Design Foundation
National Home Furnishings Association
The Business and Institutional Furnitire Manufacturer's Association

Four-Year Academic Plan

Interior Design Major, B.F.A. Degree


The career paths listed are those which are commonly associated with this area of study and in no way does this site attempt to suggest that these are all of the career paths possible. Some of the career paths listed may require additional education, training, development, licenses and/or certifications. Listings of resources such as job listings, web links, professional organizations, library publications, and other information found on this page are believed to be accurate and true at the time published. The "What Can I Do With A Major In..." database is reviewed and updated every year in July. While no list is truly exhaustive, if you feel something should be added, deleted, changed or updated on this page, please contact the Career Services Center by e-mail at and an out-of-cycle change will be completed.

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