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"What Can I Do With a Major in...Theatre?"

Why Major in Theatre?

The graduate with a Bachelor degree in Theatre will use the knowledge and skills obtained in the program to:

  • Communicate and collaborate effectively in the interactive and creative process of theatre.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the historical, cultural, and stylistic dimensions of drama and theatre.
  • Utilize critical thinking skills in order to analyze and interpret a script for the purpose of developing a concept and systematic plan for the production of a play.
  • Form, communicate, and defend value judgments about quality and aesthetics in works of theatre.
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency in the areas of acting and directing in order to create and present theatrical performances.
  • Demonstrate a basic proficiency in the areas of theatre design and technology in order to create and present theatrical productions.
  • Technical direct and direct one-act plays for public performance and successfully fulfill significant production assignments in the department's mainstage and/or children's theatre series.

Related Career Titles

Actor Production Assistant
Actress Professor/Educator
Advertising Manager Properties Manager
Box Office Manager Publicist
Broadcast Technician Radio Performer
Casting Director Scenic Artist
Costume Designer Screen Performer
Costume Dresser Set Carpenter
Drama Coach Set Designer
Dramatic Artist Set Painter
Executive Director Sound Board Operator
Film Extra Sound Designer
House Manager Special Effects Technician
Light Board Operator Stage Director
Lighting Designer Stage Manager
Makeup Artist Stage Performer
Managing Director Talent Agent
Marketing Director Talent Manager
Performer Technical Director
Personal Manager Theatrical Agent
Press Director Voice-over Artist
Producer Wardrobe Supervisor

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Affiliated Organizations

Actors Equity Association
American Alliance for Theater and Education
American Association of Community Theatre
American Dance Guild
Broadway League
Costume Society of America
Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
Players (UCM)
Screen Actors Guild
Directors and Choreographers Society
Stage Managers Association
Theta Alpha Phi (UCM)
United States Institute for Theatre Technology

Four-Year Academic Plan

Theatre Major, B.A. Degree
Theatre Major (Area 1: Performance), B.F.A. Degree
Theatre Major (Area 2: Design/Technology), B.F.A. Degree


The career paths listed are those which are commonly associated with this area of study and in no way does this site attempt to suggest that these are all of the career paths possible. Some of the career paths listed may require additional education, training, development, licenses and/or certifications. Listings of resources such as job listings, web links, professional organizations, library publications, and other information found on this page are believed to be accurate and true at the time published. The "What Can I Do With A Major In..." database is reviewed and updated every year in July. While no list is truly exhaustive, if you feel something should be added, deleted, changed or updated on this page, please contact the Career Services Center by e-mail at and an out-of-cycle change will be completed.

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