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"What Can I Do With a Major in...Accountancy?"

Why Major in Accountancy?

The design of the undergraduate degree for accounting students is to provide students with sufficient technical and professional accounting knowledge as well as the skills that form the foundation for a career in accounting and to engage in a life-long learning process. The School of Accountancy has identified three professional knowledge and skill areas, which are:

  1. Professional accounting knowledge.
  2. professional accounting skills.
  3. professional orientation.

Within each of these three key areas, key program outcomes are identified.

Professional Accounting Knowledge - each student can demonstrate the ability to apply professional accounting knowledge in the following areas:

  • Measurement, recording, analysis, validation, interpretation, and communication of financial, managerial and other business information.
  • Ethical and regulatory environments in which accountants work.
  • Business processes and internal control.
  • Risk assessment and assurance for financial and non-financial reporting.
  • Tax policy and compliance for individuals.
  • Tax policy and compliance for taxable and non-taxable entities.

Professional Accounting Skills - each student can demonstrate basic professional skills in the following areas:

  • Written communication.
  • Use of information technology to support business processes and decision-making.
  • Problem solving / critical thinking skills.
  • Researching appropriate resources to resolve accounting related issues.

Professional Orientation - students can demonstrate an awareness of the following professional areas associated with success in the accounting profession:

  • Complexities of the global business environment.
  • Expectations of professional and ethical conduct and the need for continuing education.
  • Roles and responsibilities of accountants to insure the integrity of financial and other business information.
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Related Career Titles

*For further information, the following career titles may be used as keywords in FOCUS' "Search by Occupation Name," or a general search engine.

Accounting ClerkForensic Accountant
Accounting ManagerGeneral Accountant
Accounting SupervisorGeneral Accounting Office Accountant (GAO)
Auditing ClerkIndustrial Accountant
Auditing Practitioner Internal Auditor
Auditor Internal Revenue Service Agent (IRS)
BookkeeperInventory Control Specialist
Budget AccountantIRS Tax Auditor
Budget Director Loan Officer
BursarManagement Consultant
Business Analyst Payroll Manager
Certified Management AccountantPrivate Accountant
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)Professor/Educator
Chief Cost AccountantProperty Accountant
Chief Financial Officer Public Accountant
City Financial Manager Registered Public Accountant (RPA)
Collection & Debt ManagerSecurities & Exchange Commissioner
Commodities Trader Securities Investigator
Consultant Senior Accountant
Consumer Credit Officer Senior Commodities Tax Examiner
Controller Staff Accountant
Corporate Accountant State Treasurer
Cost AccountantSystems Accountant
County Treasurer Tax Accountant
Credit & Collections Tax Examiner
External Accountant Tax Specialist
Financial OfficerTax Technician
Financial Vice PresidentTreasurer
Financial Investment Analyst

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