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Career Services Center

Ward Edwards 1200
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4985
Fax: 660.543.4668

Practice Interview

Practice Interview

Videotaped practice (mock) interview sessions allow you the opportunity to role-play a job interview with a career professional, during which you review, receive feedback on, and sharpen your interviewing skills.

  • Know yourself interests, skills, strengths, weaknesses and goals.
  • Dress professionally and bring a copy of your resume.
  • Plan ahead! Appointments are limited and can fill early. Schedule by calling Career Services, 660-543-4985.
  • Mock interviews are generally 60 minutes in length; include 10-15 minutes of feedback.
  • A great opportunity for your resume to be reviewed as well.

On the day of your Practice Interview, make sure you:

  • Dress professionally .
  • Prepare .
  • Bring your resume .
  • Arrive on time.
  • Make allies of everyone: be friendly and courteous to the receptionist and any others you may encounter .
  • Concentrate on the first impression; use direct eye contact and a firm handshake .
  • Establish rapport, be optimistic, sincere, enthusiastic, and open .
  • Express your willingness to learn and enthusiasm for your profession .
  • Discuss what YOU can offer them not what THEY can do for you.