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Interview dress for Women


Business Professional
Business Casual

Avoid trendy styles.
A two piece matched suit is always the best and safest choice

Conservative, Pressed suit or dress

pant or skirt suits are both acceptable

Neutral colors: black, grey, brown, navy

Skirts should be knee length and not too tight

Dress Code

Trendier or casual suits appropriate

Blazer or vest can replace suit jacket

Dress Code

Pants are good for site visits

Capris and cropped pants are not appropriate

Not to tight

Dress Code

Not to tight 

Colors should be generally solid, navy, black, gray, brown, and khaki are always safe bets 

Avoid cropped pants or capris

Dress Code

Skirts should be knee length and not too tight

Avoid high slits

Wear neutral pantyhose

Dress Code

Should be knee length and not to tight 

Avoid high slits

Dress Code

Blouse or camisole

Preferred colors or white or light colors

Cleavage should not be showing

Dress Code

Blousees, sweaters, sweater twin sets, and other nice shirts in tasteful colors that coordinate with your pants or skirt

Avoid tank tops and sleeveless shirts

Dress Code

Avoid open toed shoes or sandals

Polished pumps with moderate heels

No stilettos or platforms

Wear neutral hosiery or trouser socks

Conservative hosiery, no run

Dress Code

Heels or flats are acceptable

Avoid open toped shoes or sandals

Dress Code