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Accepting the Job


Congratulations! You have been offered your dream position, now what? At this point, you have an important decision to make. Please consider the following points:

  • Evaluate the offer. Is the position aligned with your career goals and objectives? Can you picture yourself working in the company and with the team? Is your total compensation appropriate?

  • Ask for time to review the offer and to get the offer in writing when possible. You have the right to ask the employer for a period of time to reflect on the job offer and do not have to accept a position immediately after it is offered. Communicate with the employer about how much time you need to make an informed decision, but remember that you do not want to keep the employer waiting. Once you have decided to accept the offer, ask the employer if you may have the offer in writing. This reduces the potential for future misunderstandings and allows for you to be clear about salary, benefits, start date, etc.

  • Accept the job in good faith. After you have verbally accepted a position, you are committed to the employer and position even if a better offer comes along in a few days. Your honor, professionalism and reputation are valuable in the business and academic communities and are difficult to rebuild. Before you accept the position, be sure to spend the time to make a well-informed decision.

  • Withdraw your candidacy from other positions once you accept the offer. Informing companies that you are out of the job market will demonstrate your professionalism. Also, it will help your friends who may be interested in the job(s) for which you were applying during your search.

  • Provide additional information. Follow-up with the employer to make sure they have all of information they need to finalize the offer (i.e.: transcripts, reference letters, and other correspondence).

  • Follow-up with your network. Don't forget to thank and notify your references and professional network of your new professional position.