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Career Services Center

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The more relevant, hands-on experience you have, the better you'll be able to make informed career decisions, and the more appealing you will be to a potential employer. View our Internship-related resources from our Career Library.

Internships (credit/non-credit) allow you to gain "real" professional experience over the course of a semester or throughout the summer months.

To be awarded credit for an internship, your department's internship coordinator must approve the internship.

Purpose of an Internship

The purpose of an internship is to obtain experience that integrates classroom theory with practical application in a supervised work setting. One of the questions you face is, "How can I obtain a job without experience," and "How can I gain experience without a job?"

Why Complete an Internship?

  1. Allow you to develop and enhance your professional skills
  2. Expand your professional network
  3. Keep all your options open. Talk with family, friends, and faculty concerning any opportunity to gain practical work experience

Experiential Education Options

To further explore your experiential education options, call the Career Services Center at 660-543-4985 to make an appointment with your Career Development Coordinator or meet with your Department's Internship Coordinator.

Internship Resources

Internship Resources

  Meet with your Career Development   Coordinator

  Review the Internship Checklist

  Create/Update your resume and cover letter

  Practice your interview skills

  Understand the Internet and your Internship   Search

  Utilize Successful Networking

  Secure References

  Ethics and Expectations