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The Online Job Search

The following are tips for successfully using the Internet in your job search process.

  • Develop a Strategic Filter.With all of the career-related Web sites available, you will be more productive if you have identified what is important to you in your next position before you begin searching ( i.e.: is location important to you? a specific job title or functional area? ).
  • Be specific.Your search will give you better leads if you have developed a list of the factors or key words related to your career direction/search.
  • Avoid sites that ask for money.The majority of sites post free information for job seekers. Depending on your career goals and professional field; however, it may be worth paying the fee if the information is important to you and will be helpful in your search.
  • Identify key sites and revisit often : a good policy is to check the sites twice per week.
  • Keep good records :of the sites you visit and the information you have posted to avoid duplicate applications.
  • Maintain a professional online presence : If an employer googled your name, what would he or she see? If you suspect it would be unflattering, you should remedy that situation before it is too late. 'Employer proof' your Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking pages.
  • Make use of job search websites : In addition to our HireRed, utilize websites like, Missouri Division of Personnel, and search engines like