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Salary Negotiation

Many recent graduates have questions about the best approaches to negotiation. The following suggestions will help you in your professional negotiation approach.

  • Do Your Research.You need to justify why you warrant an increase in your salary and tie that to the value you will bring to the company.
  • Know your worth in the marketplace.Utilize salary Web sites to help you identify an appropriate salary range. Be prepared with this information early in your job search process because you may be asked by the employer for your salary history or expectations early in the interview process.

Graduate Employment Statistics for UCM Students

  • Research average salaries for your major
  • View where UCM graduates are getting employed
  • See how UCM graduates have found employment

Relocation Information

  • Understand the negotiation process.The purpose of the negotiation process is to reach a mutual agreement with the employer. You do not want the negotiation process to be a confrontation. Remember, you will be working on the same team as the individual(s) with whom you are negotiating in a few weeks.ALWAYS REMAIN PROFESSIONAL!

  • Avoid discussing salary until you have been offered the job or until the employer brings up the subject.The employer may have concerns regarding your genuine interest in the position or company if you ask about the salary before you ask about the position description.

  • It is not always just about salary, benefits add up too.When individuals add the benefits the company is offering to the base salary, they are often surprised that they are making more than they would at another company offering a higher base salary. Benefits such as health insurance, retirement savings plan, vacation plans, opportunities to grow professionally, travel, overtime pay, and compensation time all quickly add up.

Remember, at some point you need to make some tough decisions.
If you take too much time or show too much hesitation, you may lose some offers.