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Counseling Center

Humphreys 131
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4060
Hours: 8 AM-12PM, 1PM-5PM
Summer: M-TH 7:30AM-12PM,1PM-4:30PM



The information found within this page is considered general information, and is not intended to be representative or exhaustive of information available. Although we believe that links and references to other resources and Internet sites may be helpful, CC does not endorse any of the information provided other than what has been specifically published by our center.

Our web site is not meant to be a substitute for the professional assistance of a qualified mental health provider.

General Psychological Health Resources
Depression, Mood, Self-Injury & Suicide Related Resources
Anxiety Disorder Resources
Substance Use
LGBTQ* Resources
Resources on Cultural Diversity
Religion and Spirituality Resources
Resources for People with ADHD & Learning Disabilities
Sexuality/Pregnancy/STDs Resources
Eating Disorder Resources
Online Eating Disorder Screening
Emotional Support Animal Info