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Program Providers

Why Use a Provider?

 Sometimes UCM students are looking for experiences that fall outside our UCM Exchange partners. Knowing this, we are are proud to be affiliated with  UCM Exchange providers do not provide the specific programs students are looking for. We are proud to partner with the following Providers.

Note: UCM’s agreements with these providers ensure successful credit transfer. We are also a  Direct Bill school with each provider, which means that the program’s charges go on UCM student accounts in MyCentral.  This makes it easy for you to use financial aid and scholarships for these programs just like you do for a semester here.  In nearly every case, the program fees for these provider programs include tuition. 

Types of Provider Programs

AmideastUnique opportunities to study in multiple locations for an immersive experience in/around the Middle East. Sizeable scholarships available!

ISA -  Hundreds of options abroad, UCM students receive discounts, including an early bird discount! 

CIS Abroad -  Many locations and major options abroad. Unique emphasis on providing support and grants for many groups of students, including ethnically diverse, Greek, LGBTQ+,  and students with a high level of financial need.

ISEPStudents should find a location/program at the website and then follow up with UCM Study Abroad office to be accepted. ISEP Direct will have a single program charge, while ISEP Exchange will count as an Exchange program, paying UCM Tuition, Housing and Meal cost only!

KEIMany options for a variety of specific majors, all UCM students receive an additional $1000 grant off the cost of their programs.

SAI - Focused, authentic experiences in Italy, the Mediterranean, Spain and Paris. List discounts for UCM students

Specific programs are listed in our database from these providers -- the brochure will have a link to the providers’ websites with specific information.  You MUST apply to and be accepted by UCM Study Abroad in order to attend these programs and receive credit. You MUST ALSO apply to the program’s webpage for them to begin processing and supporting your study abroad experience.  These providers do require an application fee to be paid externally when applying. Feel free to reach out to our office to narrow your programs down before officially applying!

For more information on these programs contact the Study Abroad office at 660-543-4195 or email



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