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Student Employment FAQ

Student Employment FAQ

When can departments begin working student employees for a particular semester?
If the student has confirmed enrollment at UCM the student may begin work on August 1 for the Fall semester, January 1 for the Spring semester, and May 1 for the Summer term.

What is the last day a department can work student employees for a particular semester?
The student's last day for Fall semester is 12/31 unless enrolled to continue into the Spring semester then the job can continue until 05/15.  The Spring semester's job must end no later than 05/15.  A student that is enrolled for Summer may continue through 08/15.

When can departments submit the Student Job Assignment?
After you have received an e-mail that states that the student has completed their New Hire paperwork including the I-9 form.

When will the department know if HR has approved the electronic job the department has submitted?
The person that submitted the electronic Student Job Assignment form and the student will receive an e-mail letting them know that the job has been entered and that the student now has a time sheet.

What if my student worker runs out of their work study allotment mid semester?
The department should first end the student's current work study job with the Student Job Change Form. The department would then submit a Student Job Form for a University funded job to begin after the other job end date.

Can I hire a Graduate Assistant that is working 10 hours in another department as a Student Worker in my department to work 10 hours?

Yes you may hire the employee as a Student Worker in your department when they are also a Graduate Assistant in another Department.  The hours combined in both jobs must not exceed 20 hours per week. 

How many hours can my student employee work each week?
Student employees are limited to no more than 20 hours per week in all jobs combined. However, when classes are not in session (Spring Break, Fall Break, Christmas Break), student employees may work up to 40 hours per week with supervisor approval. During the summer term, students may only work 20 hours per week while their class is in session. Once they have completed their class for the summer they may work up to 40 hours per week for up to five weeks.

When can departments begin entering electronic student job assignments for a particular semester?
As long as the student employee has an updated I-9 on file then the department may begin entering the student job assignment form on the following dates:
Fall - July 16th
Spring - December 1st
Summer - April 16th

Once a student secures a job on campus, how does the student get paid?
Once a student has secured a job on campus there are still a few more steps that must be completed before the employee can begin working. The employee MUST complete the appropriate paperwork in the Office of Human Resources and the employee must bring original documents to establish their identity and employment eligibility. Find a complete list of those documents here: Acceptable I-9 Documents.

How many Enrollment hours are required for Student Workers?
UCM has specific requirements for both undergraduate and graduate students. Click here for specific details. 

If I have a student worker that is graduating in May, what is the last day that the student can work?

A student worker that is graduating in May may work until 5/15.

If I have a student worker that is graduating in December, what is the last day that the student can work? 

A student worker that is graduating in December may work until 12/31.


What is the last day entry can be done for a student job?

Job entry must be entered by the deadlines below for any student that has started in the specific semester. 

Fall - 12/15

Spring - 05/15

Summer - 08/15


I have a GA worker that only works while classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semester.  May I hire this same student as a student employee to work prior to classes starting, during fall and/or spring break and after finals week?
Yes you may hire this student as a student worker so that they may work for your department during the time that classes are not in session.  


Can my student worker work during the week of finals?
Yes, students may work the week of finals per their availability to work and the department needs.