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Human Resources

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102 Staff Recruitment and Hiring

Approval: Approved by the President on January 1, 2005

Authority: Board of Governors Policy 1.2.040

Responsibility: Director of Human Resources

Note: Faculty recruitment information is available in the Faculty Search Guide and the Academic Policy and Procedure.

Employment with University of Central Missouri may not begin in the month of December without approval from the Office of Human Resources.

Central Job System Level 18 and Above Positions
These exempt positions are hired via a national search process that is coordinated through the Director of Human Resources, the area Vice President or University Director, and a Search Team. A Search Plan is established including an updated job description and advertising avenues. These positions may be subject to campus wide participation in the evaluation/interview process. Unclassified administrative level positions will also meet these standards for recruitment.

Administrative (Professional) Level Positions
These exempt positions are usually CJS levels 13 through 17. They are filled via a search process that is coordinated through the area Human Resources Generalist and the Hiring Manager. Recruitment is begun when the job description is updated.

Non-Administrative (Support) Level Positions
These nonexempt positions are usually CJS levels 6 through 12. The area Human Resources Generalist provides the Hiring Manager with eligible applicants received through recruitment efforts. The Hiring Manager may select the individual or may choose to use a selection committee to assist with the interview process.