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409 Legal Proceedings and Voting

Approval: Approved by the President on January 1, 2005

Authority: Board of Governors Policy 1.2.040

Responsibility: Director of Human Resources

Legal Proceedings
Central Missouri provides a leave of absence with pay for mandatory jury duty or for certain required appearances as a witness before a court, commission, or legislative committee.

A copy of the summons must be provided as soon as the need for time off is known so the supervisor may accommodate the absence. Employees will receive their regular pay from the university, in addition to any compensation provided by the court. Employees are to report to work as the court schedule permits.

Employees should report the absence using the approved University method. A copy of the summons must be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources.

This leave is not provided if the employee is appearing in court on their own behalf or if they are appearing in an action to which they are a party. Absences must be taken as vacation, personal leave, or unpaid leave.

Central Missouri provides time off for voting in accordance with state and federal laws.

Employees who are unable to vote prior to or following their work schedule are granted up to three hours of paid time off to vote, unless the polls are open for three consecutive hours before or after the employee's work schedule.

Employees must provide their supervisor with at least one day's notice that they will need time off to vote. The supervisor, based on the workload, will determine the amount of time allowed.