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Retiree FAQs

Can I cancel my retiree health insurance thoughout the year? Yes. However, the form must be turned into the Office of Human Resources before the end of the month in which you wish to terminate coverage. If the form is received after the last day of the month the coverage will terminate the last day of the following month. Retiree coverage always terminates on the last day of the month.

How do I change my income tax withholding?  You may change your withholding as often as you wish by completing and submitting a Substitute W-4P form. You can obtain the form from the MOSERS website or by contacting MOSERS at 800-827-1063.

As a retiree, when will I get my cost-of-living allowance?  You will receive an annual cost-of-living allowance or COLA for your lifetime on the anniversary of your retirement. It is paid at the end of the anniversary month. For example, if you retired in July of 2003, you will receive your COLA at the end of July, 2004. HOWEVER, if you chose a BackDROP, you receive the COLA based on your BackDROP date.

How does divorce affect my retirement benefit?  If you are vested, and were married for any period of time while an active member of MOSERS, your spouse may be legally entitled to receive up to 50% of the benefit accrued during your marriage. If a Division of Benefits Order (DBO) is in place, MOSERS may divide your benefit and pay a portion directly to your former spouse when you begin receiving payments from MOSERS. Payments will end upon your death or the death of your ex-spouse. As an alternative to a DBO, you may choose to divide the present value of your retirement benefit at the time of divorce as a part of the property division. If you divorce after retirement and elected a joint and survivor option, any survivor benefits will be paid to the eligible beneficiary named on your retirement application regardless of your marital status. Consult MOSERS' brochure, Divorce and Your MOSERS Benefit, for more information.

I am now receiving a survivor benefit from my spouse, a deceased retiree. If I remarry, will it continue?  Yes. Your survivor benefit is a lifetime benefit. Please send MOSERS a name and address change (if applicable) in writing when you remarry. Please include your social security number on all correspondence.