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Institutional Research

Institutional Research

CQIP - Central's Quality Improvement Program

Establishing a culture of quality at Central is the driving force of Central's Quality Improvement Program, more commonly known as CQIP. The program's purpose is to improve the quality of student learning and student support services.

Assessment and Surveys

In addition to standardized and locally developed assessments in general education and the major field, Central utilizes a variety of opinion surveys designed to measure student perceptions of their experiences at the university, both academic and nonacademic.  The information derived from assessment activities is used to facilitate student learning and development, to promote faculty and staff growth, and to improve the quality of academic and nonacademic programs, services and facilities.

Learn More About CQIP

The two links below provide the academic and support staff CQIP guidelines. 
CQIP - Academic Departments
CQIP - Non Academic Units