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Institutional Research

Institutional Research


Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory


The Student Satisfation Inventory (SSI) is a national benchmark assessment conducted in cooperation with Noel-Levitz, a company, specializing in higher education consulting. The SSI survey was developed to evaluate student's opinions regarding the importance of and satisfaction with a variety of factors. Colleges and universities use this tool to measure satisfaction with campus offices, policies, accommodations, etc.

A PDF version of the SSI survey instrument may be accessed by clicking this link and an electronic version of the assessment is available at this link.

Additional information about the SSI may be obtained by visiting the Noel-Levitz website.

UCM Results

Campus officials at UCM administered the SSI in 2004, 2007, 2009 and 2012. Results from the most recent administration are viewable by accessing an interactive HTML website: 2012 results

PDF versions are available with 2012 results for the following:
1) UCM and National Public Universities
2) UCM, 2012 to 2009 year-to-year comparison
3) UCM Class/Grade level (freshman, sophomore, junion, senior) comparison
4) UCM and Midwestern peers comparison

To open the interactive HTML file, right-click on the link to download and select 'Open in New Tab'. Then click 'Open' and then click on 'No'.


After following these instructions, the file that opens will have a blue screen. It is interactive and includes UCM results from the 2012 SSI, with some results from previous years. In the right-hand corner, there is a drop-down menu and the choices that might be particularly useful are-- "Strategic Planning Overview" and "Scale Report"