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Institute for Rural Emergency Management

Humphreys Building 201D
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Phone: 660.543.4971

Crisis and Disaster ManagementCDM Student with weather antenna

The Crisis and Disaster Management (CDM) program at the University of Central Missouri can be completed two ways:

1) On campus through traditional delivery. The core courses and the Emergency Management area are offered on a two-year rotational schedule.

2) Entirely online. The degree program is available to students in a wide variety of locations and work schedules. All the courses in the major and the four areas are offered online, at least one time a year.

The students enrolled in CDM are diverse and are attracted to this program of study because they have a strong desire to make a difference in the world. Some have experience in public safety, fire, or emergency medical services. Others have experience in business, service or hospitality. Many have connections to volunteer organizations and public service organizations.

Students choose this program because they want to build their knowledge base, develop skills, and practice what they are learning through community service learning opportunities. To be successful in this program and successful after graduation it is critical that students develop outstanding interpersonal skills and a broad knowledge base in the social sciences in addition to technical knowledge and skills that have been tested through years of public service.

The courses offered in Crisis and Disaster Management are designed for:


For more information, click on the certificates above to link to the course information page or contact our office at 660-543-4971 or email us at:

Click here for a PDF flyer of the CDM Bachelor of Science degree program overview.

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Choosing a program is a very personal decision, and only you can properly evaluate whether a target school’s strengths match your educational needs and professional ambitions.2017 Best Online College Programs Badge

The Crisis & Disaster Mangement Degree Program (a Division of the Missouri Safety Center) at UCM has been identified as one of the top colleges (ranked #2) for online emergency management bachelor's degrees by "" The ranking considered flexibility,quality, online education, tuition and graduation data.

Their editor noted, “Tech-related jobs in emergency management are on the rise.In fact, similarpositions in this field are projected to grow 15% or more by 2024!This means that more and more students will be enrolling in programs, like yours, to pursue this rewarding career path. Your institution stands out as one of the best of the best.”

The article can be found here: The 15 Best Online Emergency Management Programs 2017



The Crisis & Disaster Mangement Degree Program (a Division of the Missouri Safety Center) at UCM has been identified as one of the top colleges (ranked #5) for online emergency management bachelor's degrees by ""
 For the Value Colleges top 50 Homeland Security and Emergency Management rankings, institutions are drawn from only universities and colleges listed on the FEMA website, a good place for prospective students to start when researching Homeland Security and Top 50 Best Value Online Bachelors BadgeEmergency Management degree programs. The ranking considers reputation, affordability and return on investment (ROI) data.

The article can be found here: Top 50 Best Value Online Bachelor's of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
for 2017







Top 10 Award Badge

The Crisis & Disaster Mangement Degree Program (a Division of the Missouri Safety Center) at UCM has been identified as one of the top colleges (ranked #4) for online emergency management bachelor's degrees by the "Emergency Management Degree Program Guide." The ranking considered tuition and graduation data gathered from the NCES College Navigator Database.

Their editor noted, "One of just a few programs on this disaster and emergency management online degree ranking to provide an official selection of concentrations (Business Continuity, Emergency Management, and Hazardous Materials), the University of Central Missouri's B.S. in Crisis and Disaster Management is the academic equivalent of a jack-of-all-trades."

The article can be found here: TOP 10 Emergency Management Bachelor's Degrees Online 2016-2017



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CDM Alumni Stories & News:

CLICK HERE for the online magazine Northland Lifestyle, September 2016 Issue
Featuring Jake Emig, KCPD Mounted Police Officer and UCM 2006 CDM Graduate


"Upon graduating from CMSU/UCM in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in CDM and a masters degree in Criminal Justice, I began utilizing my degrees in the field of bioterrorism response planning for local health departments in St. Louis, MO and Kansas City, MO.  Since 2008, I have worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region VII and am currently a Senior Planner within the Response Division, Planning Branch. The field of Emergency Management continues to be challenging and allows individuals to be innovative to help others mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters."
~ Patrick Lindner, '05

"I graduated from UCM in May 2009 and have been employed through the Army ever since. I was an ROTC cadet at UCM and am currently a scout platoon leader at Fort Carson, CO. I use my CDM degree every day in my current job. I am constantly using composite risk management to identify risks, develop controls, and implement those controls. Although I still have 6 years left with active duty, I am hoping to get the chance to be an ROTC instructor and work on my master's degree at the same time. After those six years are up, I hope to have a master's degree and will be looking for a job in the CDM world."
~ Justin T Eslick, 1LT, AR, Platoon Leader, '09

What You Should Know About Emergency Management Degrees

Check out this article from Emergency Management magazine online, published January 14, 2011. Interesting discussions follow the article in the Comments area.

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For more information about the CDM degree contact the Institute for Rural Emergency Management at or 660-543-4971.