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Sharing Knowledge and Experience

University of Central Missouri has a wealth of dedicated faculty and staff who have background in many subject areas and are willing to serve as expert sources for media or share their knowledge with groups and individuals who may be interested in various topics. While this guide is not inclusive of all faculty at UCM, these individuals are willing to share information about main subjects they teach or areas of research in which they may have a great passion. 

We hope you will consider using UCM’s expert faculty resources. If you do not find a source for a topic in which  you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Murphy, Assistant Director of Integrated Marketing and Communications for Media Relations, at 660-543-4640 or

Melissa Abner
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Fashion and Apparel Merchandising

Main Areas: Ethical Fashion, Fashion History, Visual Merchandising and Store Design, Fashion Marketing and Promotion, Fashion Trends, Retail Strategies and Retail Models, Entrepreneurship in Fashion

Other Areas: Wholesale Markets for Fashion Products, Small Businesses, Buying


Micah Alpaugh
Associate Professor of History

Main Areas: American, British, and World History, European Politics, Protest and Social Movements


Peculiar Awa
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Crime, and Human Rights

Other Areas: Family Dynamics, Girl-child Education


Natalia Bailey
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Main Areas: Mathematics Education and Training of Future PreK-12 Teachers, Professional Development in Mathematics Education of Teachers

Other Areas: Social Justice and Mathematics, Curriculum and Instruction, Professional Development of Teachers in Different Cultural Contexts (Especially Guatemala)


Amanda Bradbury
Instructor of Finance

Main Areas: Personal Finance, Principles of Finance and Macroeconomics


Jackie Brandhorst
Assistant Professor of Business Communication

Main Areas: Organizational Communication


Klaire Brumbaugh
Assistant Professor of Director of Clinical Services

Main Areas: Speech-Language Pathology-content Areas, Early Childhood Language Disorders, Speech Sound Disorders, and Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology


Dianna Bryant
Associate Professor of Crisis and Disaster Management

Main Areas: Environmental Lead Contamination, "Take-Home" Toxins, Environmental Justice, Emergency Responder Safety

Other Areas: Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Safety Professional (CSP)


Trang Bui
Assistant Professor of Actuarial Science

Main Areas: Financial Mathematics, Probability and Statistics

Other Areas: Actuarial Exams Preparation, Stochastic Processes, Game Theory


Rene Burress
Assistant Professor (Associate after Aug 1, 2021) and Program Coordinator of Library Science and Information Services

Main Areas: Libraries and Librarians

Other Areas: Genealogy, Educational Technology, Educational Assessment


Catherine Burris 
Associate Professor and Director of Religious Studies 

Main Areas: Religion, Religion in Public Life, and Religion and Politics


Benecia Carmack
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Criminal Law and Procedure

Other Areas: Teaching an Innocence Project Class, Solitary Confinement


Jennifer Varriale Carson
Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Terrorism, Far Left and Far Right Ideologically Movements in the U.S., Criminal Justice Policy


Sang-Wook Cha
 Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology

Main Areas: Embryology, Histology, Genetics

Other Areas: Genome Editing, Aquatic Animal Husbandry, Bioinformatics


Joyce Chang 
Professor of Child and Family Development Program

Main Areas: Impact of Technology on Family, Optimal Use of Technology

Other Areas: Marriage and Family, Relationship Development, Resilience


Scott Chenault
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Corrections, Correctional Programming, Correctional Staff

Other Areas: First Generation College Student Experience and Success


Yeok-il (Eddie) Cho
Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Research Methods, Comparative CJ Systems, Statistical Modeling

Other Areas: Study Abroad, Cyber Bullying


James Cicon
Assistant Professor, Finance

Main Area: Finance/Stock Market 


Amber Clifford
Professor of Anthropology and Director of McClure Archives and University Museum

Main Areas: Culture, Diversity and Equity, Gender and Sexuality, Museums, Bedouin, University History, LGBTQ+ Issues and Concerns, Disability Issues and Concerns


Angela Collins
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Juvenile Justice, Delinquency, Criminological Theory

Other Areas: Mental Health


Belinda Copus
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Main Areas: Pedagogy for Introductory Computer Programming, Neopiagetian and Constructivist Learning Theories, Cognitive Apprenticeship Theory

Other Areas: Increasing Participation and Retention for Women and Underrepresented Minorities in Computer Science


Sherri DioGuardi
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Impact of Policy and Law on CJS Agents

Other Areas: Death Penalty, Sociology of Law, Applied Theory


Stan Elliott
Project Facilitator, MIC, MIC Initiative Operations

Main Areas: Missouri Innovation Campus Program


Nabat Erdogan
Assistant Professor and ELL Program Coordinator

Main Areas: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Linguistics 

Other Areas: Comparative Typological Linguistics, Linguistics, Syntax, Phonetics, Second Language and languages (Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, and English)


Gregg Etter
Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Gangs, Organized Crime, Policing, Extremist Group


David E. Ewing
Professor of Mathematics Education

Main Areas: Mathematics Education (Preparation of Future and Present Math Teachers, Grades K-12), Mathematics (Geometry and Algebraic Structures)

Other Areas: Problem Solving, Mathematical Modeling, Using Technology in Math Education. Teaching Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Astronomy, Computer Programming


Nancy Forth
Professor and Program Coordinator for Counselor Education

Main Areas: Counseling, Mental Health, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling

Other Areas: Stress Management, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault Recovery


Matthew D. Furedy
Chair of School of Aviation

Main Areas: Airport Management

Other Areas: Airport Planning and Design, Safety Management Systems


Tony Gasaway
Instructional Faculty and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology 

Main Areas: Law Enforcement Leadership

Other Areas: U.S. Marshals


Daniel Gilhooly
Assistant Professor of Literacy

Main Areas: Refugee Resettlement, Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL), Ethnography on the Karen of Burma, Participatory Action Research

Other Areas: Amateur Documentary Filmmaking


Krystle Gremaud
Assistant Professor of Career and Technology Teacher Education Program Coordinator

Main Areas: Family Consumer Sciences, Business Education, Agriculture Education, Engineering & Technology Education, Career and Technical Education 

Other Areas: Online Teaching, Virtual Observations, Community Education 


Taiabul Haque
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Main Areas: Usable Privacy and Security

Other Areas: Human-Computer Interaction, ICT for Development


Jaimee Hartenstein
Assistant Professor of Child and Family Development and Program Coordinator

Main Areas: Child and Family Development and Human Development and Family Science

Other Areas: Divorce, Child Custody, Coparenting Relationships and Communication, Parent-child Relationships in Divorced and Remarried Family Structures, Qualitative Research


Lauren Hays
Assistant Professor of Educational Technology

Main Areas: Educational Technology, Online Learning, Digital Literacy

Other Areas: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Media Literacy, Information Literacy


Blaise Heider
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Main Areas: Non-Commutative Ring and Module Theory

Other Areas: Algebra, Functional Analysis, Algebraic Topology, Advanced Skills in Formatting Documents such as Exams, Assignments, Syllabi, etc., in LaTeX


Jason Holland
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemist

Main Areas: Nucleic Acid Structure and Stability


Jiaqi Huang
Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity and Information Technology

Main Areas: Wireless Security, Internet of Vehicles

Other Areas: 5G Wireless Communications, Modeling of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks


Amanda Huffman
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Institutional and Community Corrections, Reentry, Recidivism, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Other Areas: Community College Student/Transfer Student Experience


Dan Jensen
Associate Professor of Management and MBA Director

Main Areas: Management and Entrepreneurship

Other Areas: Strategy, Organization Development, Change Management, Career Management.


Odin Jurkowski
Professor of Instructional Technology

Main Areas: Educational Technology, Library Science and Information Services, Instructional Design, Online Learning


Taeghyun Kang
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Main Areas: Software Engineering

Other Areas: Software Engineering, Fault Tolerance, Software Application Development, Industry Experiences, Samsung


James O. Kereri
Assistant Professor of Construction Management

Main Areas: Construction Management


Someswar Kesh
Professor and Coordinator of Computer Information Systems and Analytics

Main Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning and Business Analytics

Other Areas: Communications Network Management, Cybersecurity, Database Management


Ryan Kim
Assistant Professor of Sports Management and Program Coordinator

Main Areas: Sport Management

Other Areas: Measurement and Evaluation, Meta-analysis


David Kreiner
Professor and Chair, School of Nutrition, Kinesiology, and Psychological Science

Main Areas: Cognitive Psychology, Memory


Robynn Kuhlmann
Associate Professor of Political Science and State Government Internship Coordinator

Main Areas: State Politics, Voting, and Elections

Other Areas: Term Limits, State Legislatures, Voting Behavior, Election Administration


Joanne Kurt-Hilditch
Senior Director of Missouri Safety Center

Main Areas: Corrections, Law Enforcement, Grants, Impaired Driving, Highway and Traffic Safety, Training, Ethics, Leadership

Other Areas: Substance Abuse Counseling, Criminal Justice Research, Association and Board Membership


Scott Lankford
Chair of School of Natural Sciences and Professor of Biology

Main Areas: Fish Physiology, Vertebrate Stress Physiology, Reproductive Physiology, Endocrinology

Other Areas: Sustainable Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Marine Biology


Mark Lee
Assistant Professor of School of Teaching and Learning

Main Areas: Secondary Content Instruction and Classroom Management

Other Areas: Choral Music and Solo Voice Instruction, and K-12 Building and District Administration


Kathleen Leicht
Professor of English and Associate Dean for College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Interim Head of Theatre and Dance

Main Areas: British Literature, English Novel, London Theatre 1660-1800

Other Areas: Old-time Fiddle Music, Mountain Dulcimer Music


Joseph Lewandowski
Professor of Philosophy

Main Areas: Democracy, Urbanism, Inequality, Sports Ethics and Culture


Julia Lewis
Instructor for Communication and Muleskinner (Student Newspaper) Adviser

Main Areas: Journalism, Mass Communication, Strategic Communication, Media, Multimedia, Study Abroad, Journalism Education

Other Areas: Policy Development Using Primarily Qualitative Methods


Doug Longhofer
Assistant Professor of Accountancy

Main Areas: Federal Taxation of Business Entities


Kyle Lovercamp
Associate Professor of Biology and Agriculture and Animal Scientist

Main Areas: Swine Reproductive Physiology

Other Areas: Farm Animal Production, Nutrition and Genetics


Yui Man Lui
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Main Areas: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Other Areas: Face Recognition, Gesture Recognition, Image Watermarking


Mike Makara
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Main Areas: Middle Eastern Studies


Daniel Marschalek
Assistant Professor of Entomology
(660) 543-8880

Main Areas: Entomology, Ecology, Conservation, Population Monitoring

Other Areas: Butterflies, Blister Beetles, Decomposition, Pollination


Shannon McCarthy
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Main Areas: Marketing Research, Sports Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Consumer-Brand Connection, Crisis Communication


Ann McCoy
Associate Dean of College of Education

Main Areas: Education


Annie McCoy
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Main Areas: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Branding and Marketing Design


Phoebe McLaughlin
Professor of Statistics and Mathematics

Main Areas: Financial Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Semigroups

Other Areas: Actuarial Exams Preparation, Actuarial Career Advising and Planning, Math Pathways and Corequisites Developments


Ashley Miller-Scully
Professor of Theatre and Dance and Bachelor of Fine Arts Musical Theatre Program Coordinator and Dance Minor Program Coordinator

Main Areas: Dance and Musical Theatre

Other Areas: Choreography, Professional Auditions, Professional Theatre & Dance Affiliations, and Summer Stock Work


Jennifer Mittelhauser
Biology Instructor

Main Areas: Wildlife, Ecology, Aquatic Insects, Botany, Herpetology


Joseph Moore
Professor of Communication

Main Areas: Sports Reporting

Other Areas: Leadership


Michael Mulhall
Assistant Professor of Safety Sciences

Main Areas: Management of Hazardous Materials, Resource Conservation and Recovery
Hazardous Materials Clean-up, Herbicide-Pesticide Management

Other Areas: Workers Compensation and Fair Labor Standards, Agricultural Safety, Food Manufacturing


Selene Nikaido
Associate Professor of Biology and Molecular Biologist

Main Areas: Molecular Biology, Genetics

Other Areas: Genome Annotation, CUREs, Gene Identification, Bioinformatics, Plant Population Genetics


Joshua Nygren
Associate Professor of History

Main Areas: Environmental History, US Political History, U.S. Agricultural History, 20th Century U.S. History


Anna Oller
Professor of Biology, Microbiologist

Main Areas: Microbiology, Bacteria, Parasites, Molecular Biology, Medical Laboratory Sciences 

Other Areas: Tick-borne Illnesses, Fermentation


Hyungbae Park
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Main Areas: Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensics Analysis

Other Areas: National Cyber League (NCL) Coach, Outreaching to High School Students as a Technical Coach (CyberPatriot) and as Guest Speaker


Dawn (Cassandra) Pauling
Biology Instructor and Wildlife Disease Biologist

Main Areas: Wildlife Disease, Infectious Disease, Disease Ecology, Plague Sylvatic Cycle, Yersinia Pestis, Pathogens

Other Areas: Microbial Genetics, Immunology, Population Health Assessments, Necropsy, Field Surveillance for Wildlife Disease, Trapping, GIS


Rajkumar Pandiyampa
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems

Main Areas: Cybersecurity for Cloud and Networked Systems


Narasimha S. Paravastu
Associate Professor of CIS and Analytics

Main Areas: Databases, Data Management, Information Systems Security, Programming Languages and Programming Frameworks in C#, Android, JavaScript, Web Development, Project Management, and Strategic Management of Information Technology

Other Areas: Technology Trust and Interpersonal Trust as It Applies to Information Systems, Information Systems Security, Bystander Theory, Protection Motivation Theory and Fear Appeals as It Applies to IS and Security


Melissa Petkovsek
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Main Areas: Biological Risk Factors, Correlations of Crime, Particularly Violent and Serious Antisocial Behavior, the Impact of Strain and Stress on Mental Health and Behavior

Other Areas: Issues in Forensic Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Study Abroad


Paul Plummer
Assistant Professor of Statistics

Main Areas: Statistics, Statistics Education, Change Point Analysis in Relation to DNA Gene Expression Data

Other Areas: Opportunities in Actuarial Science, Statistics, Bioinformatics


Georgi Popov
Professor and Interim Chair of Geoscience, Physics and Safety

Main Areas: Risk Assessment and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Other Areas: Environmental Management, Air Quality


Sam Ramanujan
Professor of Computer Information Systems and Analytics, Graduate Coordinator for CIS&IT and BDA&IT

Main Areas: Advanced Object-Oriented Programing, Software Engineering, Software Development, Big Data Architecture, Visual Analytics, Developing and Deploying Complex Systems

Other Areas: Industry Experiences, Legal Issues in Information Technology


Jay Raveill
Professor of Biology

Main Areas: Plant Systematics, Evolution and Population Biology


MD Farhadur Reza
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Main Areas: Interconnection Networks, System-on-Chip, Multi-core Architecture, Resource Management, Applied Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

Other Areas: Telecommunication Systems and Networks, Mentoring Ph.D. Students as a Post-doctoral Scientist, Software Developer


Alexander Richards
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator

Main Areas: Automotive Industry, Technology, Service and Research

Other Areas: Autonomous Vehicles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Custom Airbrushing and Artwork, Woodworking, Machining and Metal Fabrication, High performance and Automobile Racing


Jack Rogers
Professor of Communication Studies, Director of Forensics

Main Areas: Debate and Political Communication

Other Areas: U.S. Army Leadership and Medical Services, Research in PTSD, Operations and Planning, Military History


Ronnie Rollins
Associate Professor, School of Technology

Main Areas: Technology


Prasad S Rudramuniyaiah
Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems and Analytics, 

Main Areas: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Knowledge Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (SAP) 


Mohammad Sadi
Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology

Main Areas: Electric Power System and Electronics

Other Areas: Digital Electronics and Power Electronics


Michael Sawyer
Dean of College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Main Area: The Arts


Charlie Schwepker
Randall and Kelly Harbert Marketing Professor in Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies

Main Areas: Marketing

Other Areas: Professional Selling, Sales Management, Sales Ethics


Sunae Shin
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Main Areas: Location management in Cellular Networks, Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Other Areas: Energy-efficient Base Station Control, Radio Access Network with Network Function Virtualization, Crowd Sensing


Bonnie Slavych
Assistant Professor of Communication Disorders

Main Areas: Voice Disorders, Swallowing Disorders 

Other Areas: Geriatrics


James (Jim) Staab
Professor of Political Science

Main Areas: Constitutional Law, Supreme Court, Civil Rights, Liberties, and the American Presidency

Other Areas: Different Ways of Interpreting the Constitution


Jay Steinkruger
Associate Dean of College of Health,Science and Technology  and Associate Professor of Chemistry

Main Areas: Protein Folding Thermodynamics, Organic Synthesis, Materials Chemistry


George Tart
MMSP Program Coordinator

Main Areas: Motorcycle Safety and Motorcycle Instructor Trainer

Other Areas: Official High School Basketball


Jon Taylor
Professor of History 

Main Areas: Life, Political Career, and Legacy of Harry S Truman and Missouri History

Other Areas: National Park Service, Historic Preservation, Public History


Doug Thomas
Professor of Educational Leadership and Program Coordinator

Main Areas: Charter Schools

Other Areas: Educational Leadership, Middle Level Education


Wesley Tinker
Assistant Professor of Safety Sciences

Main Areas: Safety and Health

Other Areas: Education, Emergency Management, Emergency Medicine, Customer Service (Internal and External), Career Management, Continuous Improvement, Management


Greg Turner
Professor and Program Coordinator for the Communication Disorders Program

Main Areas: Anatomy and Physiology of Speaking, Speech Acoustics, Fluency Disorders (Stuttering), Motor Speech Disorders 


Lynn Urban
Professor and Chair of School School of Public Services

Main Areas: Program Evaluation for Juvenile Justice Agencies, Parenting from Prison Programs, Human Trafficking

Other Areas: Academic Program Review


Lianwen Wang
Professor of Statistics

Main Areas: Data Mining, Time Series Modeling and Analysis, Differential Equations, Analysis

Other Areas: Undergraduate Research in Statistics and Mathematics, Graduate Thesis Supervision


Nicole “Nic” Webb
Associate Professor and Chair of the School of Nursing

Main Areas: Nursing and Health Related Topics


Donald Wengler
Assistant Professor of Accountancy

Main Areas: Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant

Other Areas: Assisting Attorneys with Accounting Information and Data Analytics in Disputes Involving Business Damages, Business Interruption Lost Profits, Wrongful Death, and Personal Injury.


Miaozong Wu
Associate Professor of Safety and Industrial Hygiene and Program Coordinator of Master of Science in Occupational Safety Management

Main Areas:  Occupational Safety, Health and Industrial Hygiene.

Other Areas: Electrical safety, On-site/Virtual Training for Industries, Musculoskeletal Disorders


Xiaodong Yue
Professor and Chair of Computer Science and Cybersecurity

Main Areas: Wireless Network and Security, Ethical Hacking

Other Areas: Program Specific Accreditation Such as ABET Accreditation


Linrui Zhang
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Main Areas: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neural Network and Deep Learning

Other Areas: Commercial-Level NLP Software Development, Students Research Supervision.


Zhiguo Zhou
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Main Areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI in Medicine 

Other Areas: Mentoring Students for Research, Data Science Programs


















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