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Photo Content Guidelines and Procedures


Do you have a photo you would like to use in your marketing? Submit it to our marketing team and we will review it for use on our website and in other marketing pieces. Remember, all our photos require a content release (you can find these in our toolkit)! Submit your photo and photo release forms through, and we will let you know whether your photo is approved within 48 hours.


Photography FAQs

Can I get a verbal content and photo release?

No, a signed content and photo release form is required. 

Can I use my image that is copyrighted, taken by a professional photographer or other not associated with UCM?

Yes, however, a signed copyright release must be provided by the photographer and submitted with the photo.

Can I use photos from phone?

Yes, we recommend reviewing the photo settings on your phone to ensure it is set to capture high quality images before taking photos. When you submit the photo, send the actual size, not a reduced file size.

What does a photo/content release cover?

 A signed photo/content release form authorizes permission for UCM to photograph or video record you and reproduce any content you have provided in any form and for any purpose associated with the university, including illustration, marketing, promotion and advertising. This release ensures that you understand that you will not be compensated in any way for such use. 

Can you enlarge a small image to fit a larger space?

 To keep the quality of the image we suggest you do no enlarge a small image.

How frequently does UCM take faculty and staff photos?

Faculty and staff photos are taken throughout each semester. Time and date notifications will be posted in UCM Daily.

How do I request a photoshoot?

 Submit your request to

What photo file formats work for web?

  The following formats are acceptable:  jpg, jpeg, png, gif

Submit Photo Questions

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