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Social Gerontology Program Options

M.S. Social Gerontology

The M.S. in Social Gerontology program is based on a philosophy of excellence in providing services to older adults wherever they are on the continuum of care.
The degree is suited to both part-time working adults and full-time students. Courses are offered at the Warrensburg and UCM - Lee’s Summit campuses and online. With courses offered during the day, night and during the summer, you have the flexibility to complete the program in less than two years.
The overall field of gerontology is multidisciplinary by nature. Therefore, our interdisciplinary program welcomes students who have completed any undergraduate major. The program consists of 18 required hours of coursework, six hours of research/internship and your choice of six hours of electives. The required courses are drawn from the disciplines of sociology, social work, and nursing. Elective courses may be selected from these areas or from other areas including psychology, health education, political science, nutrition, business, or many others. We can help you select electives that will provide the additional knowledge most relevant to your future career goals.
You have an option to complete a thesis or a non-thesis project. If you wish to pursue a career in research or academics, the thesis option may be best for you. If you currently are working in the aging field, we can develop a non-thesis project as a part of an internship at your current place of employment. If you have no experience in the aging field, the non-thesis internship is strongly recommended.

Social Gerontology Certificate

The Social Gerontology Certificate program requires only 15 hours of coursework. The certificate program is focused on basic courses in sociology, social work, nursing, and management. It is possible, and encouraged, to complete the M.S. degree after completing the certificate program.


Contact Information

Gretchen Hill, P.h.D. serves as the Social Gerontology Program Coordinator. For more information about the program, please email