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Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Women, Gender, and 
Sexuality Studies

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Social Gerontology

Social Gerontology


Sociology Courses

[GE] SOC 1800 General Sociology (3) Explores the relationships of individuals, groups, and society in the context of changing social institutions. Addresses basic concepts and subfields in sociology. FA, SP, SU. ONL.

[GE] SOC 1830 Social Problems (3) The sociology of social problems; background and analysis of selected social problems such as race, crime, population, civil rights, poverty; social changes in light of social controls and democratic values.


SOC 2805 Introduction to Social Research (3) An overview of the concepts and practice of research including measurement, sampling, design, basic descriptive statistics and ethics. Attention to both qualitative and quantitative approaches. FA, SP.


SOC 2825 Family and the Life Course (3) Examination of theory and research on families with a focus on the life course.


SOC 2845 Social Inequality (3) A theoretical and methodological examination of the relationships between social class, inequality, and mobility. FA.


SOC 2850 Institutions and Social Action (3) Introduces theoretical approaches to modern social institutions and offers a critical examination of strategies of social action intended to intervene within institutional contexts. SP.


SOC 2855 Aging in American Society (3) Exposes students to the basics of aging, theories of aging, and applied issues. Political and economic forces that impact the aging process and older adults in the Unites States are addressed.


SOC 3810 Culture and Society (3) Examines culture including art, popular culture, folk/ethnic culture, consumer culture, and post-modern culture. Emphasis on meaning and power.


SOC 3815 Urban Sociology (3) Urbanization, rise and growth of cities; attention to demography, ecology and changes in urban society; social problems such as land utilization, housing, slums, politics, crime, and living standards.


SOC 3820 Popular Culture (3) Exploration of the major theories of popular culture including production, consumption, taste, resistance, and audience.


SOC 3825 Race and Ethnic Relations (3) The study of principles, processes and consequences of interracial and ethnic group relations. Emphasis on the social construction of ethnicity, ethnic stratification, and ethnic movements. FA, SP.


SOC 3830 Collective Behavior (3) An application of social‑psychological principles to various forms of collective phenomena, including cults, civil disturbances, and social movements.


SOC 3840 Sociology of Sport (3) An investigation and analysis of the relationships between sport and society. Focus will be upon the development and changing nature of sport as an institution in modern society.


SOC 3845 Social Deviance (3) Exploration of the major theories of social norms and social deviance across a variety of social contexts including legal and non-legal, underprivileged and privileged.


SOC 3870 Personality and Society (3) Emphasizes theories of microsociological principles. Focuses on interpersonal relationships and how issues such as socialization and identity impact human behavior and views of the self.


^SOC 3885 Globalization and the Future (3) Explores the impact of the globalization phenomenon upon the future development of the world’s economic, political and sociocultural aspects.


SOC 3890 Criminology (3) The nature and characteristics of crime and criminals; the historical perspectives of criminology; theoretical analysis of criminal behavior. ONL. FA, SP, SU.


SOC 3895 Outsiders and Outcasts (3) An exploration of the ideas of marginality and the cultural processes of inclusion/exclusion including exiles, immigrants, refugees, ethnic minorities, and the homeless.


^SOC 4805 Environment and Society (3) Examination of the social debates around the environment including wilderness, natural resource use, agriculture, recreation, environmentalism, and green production and consumption.


SOC 4815 Special Projects in Sociology (1-6) Study, interpretation, and discussion of special topics and problems in sociology. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours.


SOC 4850 Work and the Modern Society (3) Critical inquiry into the workings of modern society and its cultures and subcultures, ideologies, institutions, elites, classes, and the processes of power relations.


SOC 4855 Family Diversity (3) Focus on the institutional implications of the family. Diversity in ethnicity, sexuality, and class are emphasized. Intersection of work and family is explored. Prerequisite: 6 semester hours of sociology, graduate status, or consent of instructor.


SOC 4860 Sociological Thought* (3) Assessment of current sociological thought as it is reflected by outstanding scholars in the field. Prerequisite: SOC 2845 or SOC 2850 and 3 additional semester hours of sociology. *Not available for graduate credit.


SOC 4872 Sociology of Organizations (3) The purpose of the course is to give primary attention to sociological approaches to organizations. The course will examine the development of sociological thought about the origins and modern analysis of organizations. An attempt would be made to recognize and take into account the contribution of other social sciences and management theory in our analysis of organizations. An important question we will attempt to answer is; how does the organization of the market economy and society decisively manifest definite relationships and processes? We will explore organizations in relation to their environments, to other organizations and particularly to the states. Finally, a comparative, global focus on organizational issues will be discussed.


SOC 4875 Medical Sociology (3) Social factors and institutional settings for physical and mental health care; public needs and medical services; research in medical sociology.


SOC 4885 Religion and Society (3) The structure and function of religion in society; social sources of religions; religion and the individual. Prerequisite: 6 semester hours of sociology, graduate status, or consent of instructor.


SOC 4890 Social Survey Research* (3) Major concepts in social survey research design, measurement, sampling, and data collection techniques. Quantitative analysis of survey data and micro-computer applications. Prerequisite:  SOC 2805. *Not available for graduate credit.


SOC 4894 Sociology of Aging (3) Seminar examining the process of aging in relation to demographic, economic, psychological, and sociological implications with an emphasis on sociological principles and perspectives. Prerequisite: junior standing, senior standing, or graduate status. FA.


SOC 4895 Senior Seminar in Public Sociology* (3) For senior Sociology majors to explore the use and application of Sociology in public life and as a career. Cumulative senior project required. Prerequisite: Sociology major and senior standing or consent of department chair. *Not available for graduate credit.


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