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Sportspage on KMOS-TV

Thursdays at 7 p.m. and Saturdays at 5 p.m.

Tune in each to follow UCM athletics through game highlights, interviews with the coaching staff and profiles of the outstanding athletes -

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KMOS-TV is proud to highlight UCM's mission of engaged learning with the addition of (L-R) sideline reporters Briana Blocker and Sabra Hoeppner with anchors Alex Greenlee and Jason Ketz in the studio.

KMOS-TV and UCM Athletics partner with UCM Department of Communication and Sociology in providing training for UCM students taking sports broadcasting courses. Like an increasing number of courses offered across campus, this arrangement provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience while earning academic credit, better preparing them for their chosen careers.


Alex Greenlee - A senior at UCM studying Digital Media Production with an emphasis in News, Alex has worked at KMOS-TV for over a year and a half as a producer for University Magazine. He has also announced football, volleyball and men's basketball for the UCM Media Network.
Jason Ketz - For this junior Sports Management major from North Kansas City, sports have always been an emphasis in his life. Growing up a fan of not only of his hometown Kansas City Chiefs and Royals but also the Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks. From a very young age Jason has always aspired to be a sports journalist by watching countless hours of ESPN SportsCenter shows and being able to watch his grandfather, father, and now older brother on television news channels.
  Sideline Reporters
.Briana Blocker - A sophomore at UCM, Briana is majoring in Digital Media Production with an emphasis in News, and a minor in Sociology. After volunteering for a semester as a production assistant, and running all the crew positions during live sporting events for UCM's video boards, Briana began as a student producer for KMOS-TV, and now enjoys reporting on UCM Athletics.
Sabra Hoeppner - A senior in Digital Media Production with an emphasis in news, Sabra transferred to UCM in Fall 2012, after completing her Associate of Arts degree at Metropolitan Community College - Longview