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Making a Connection to Your Web Site with Contribute

  1. If you have not already done so please see steps 1 and 2 on this page.

  2. Map a drive to your web folder on webedit

  3. Open the Adobe Contribute program.

  4. On the opening page under Create New click Website Connection
    new website connection

  5. The first box that pops up has a yellow information oval that talks about a connection key. Please just click Next on this screen.

  6. In the next box select Website and enter the address of your site. The web address MUST start with followed by your web folder. Click next.
    enter website information

  7. Choose Local/Network from the first dropdown box and then click Choose to find the mapped drive you created in a previous step.
    select local/network

  8. Enter your name and email address. This is necessary in case someone else tries to edit a page that you currently editing. This will inform the other person of who already has the page open. Click next.

  9. Select a role of Publisher and click Next.
    select publisher